Laser Tag First Avenue - LaserOps

 Tried to look like a badass but looked like I was going to cry instead. Oh well 
Thanks to How I Met Your Mother, or should I say Barney Stinson,
I have been wanting to try lasertag ever since.
And yay! The first LED lasertag arena in SEA is opened at First Avenue! 
Unlike painball paintball, lasertag is painless, safe and comfortable as
it is carried out in an indoor arena so fret not even if it rains.
I like the idea that there won't be any bruising, possible bleeding and darker skin like
what happen when you play paintball. #puterililin
There's a TV outside showing what's happening in the arena.
Don't think inside very dark nobody can see what idiotic things you do okay.

You ready for some adrenaline-pumping fun?
Cool guns are cool, they call them Phasors though but I prefer calling them guns.
LaserOps features the LASERTRON PRO game system, a US-based system
which existed more than 25 year and they are the first in Asia to offer this.
And no, it doesn't burn when the laser hits you. 
The 6,000 x 4,500 squarefeet interactive battlefield is divided into two team zones - Green and Red team.
The arena could accommodate up to 28 players suitable for everyone(7 year old and above)
 - Friends, family and even strangers.
Cause when the game started, shoot everyone correct d
Each mission takes up approximately 20 minutes which included mission briefing, vesting and game.
Electronic devices are not allowed as you might break them while you're trying to 'kill' your opponents.
As the arena is air-conditioned, I wanted to wear a thick hoodie but luckily I did not.
I was sweating even more than the times I hit the gym.
So, wear something casual and comfortable that allows you to move around easily.
I must say, lasertag turned out to be much more thrilling than I thought.
It required accuracy, energy and a little bit of brain.
Or you could just to tell your team leader that you don't want to strain your poor little brain and 
ask him/her to let you to just hide in a corner. Why didn't I thought of this earlier?
The price list, I would suggest to take 3 missions because first, it is cheaper
and second, it's a good and fun workout. 
Register yourself before entering the arena and your score sheet will be sent to you via e-mail.
Oh and you can create a cool nickname for yourself, don't ask but mine is an inside joke.
I've got 97% accuracy, not bad la for a slow person like me.
Huge thanks to Laser Ops for hosting! We all had fun and will definitely come back again!
Photo courtesy of Jazz Tan
Laser Ops First Avenue
Opens 10am - 10pm daily
First Avenue Mall 3-13
182, Jalan Magazine, 10300 Georgetown Penang
04-251 9092


  1. Omg tis is really a good news to those who love thrilling games but don wish to get pain from the paintball!! U write in a very funny way, like it ^^

    1. Especially girls :D Thanks so much, that's very encouraging :)