AHMO Irrawaddi Road

My momma always said, "Nice food you gotta wait."
Situated in Irrawaddi Road, I have passed by this beautiful heritage colonial house
many times but just didn't give it a try. I recalled Adrian told me he wanted to come here
with me 3 years ago when they just started business, but it didn't happen. Anyway, 
from the catchy name of the restaurant, anyone would've guessed they serve Western food.
But apart from that, they serve a wide variety of Asian and European cuisines as well.
What caught my attention was the cute animal doodles at the entrance, and of course,
this Forrest Gump mural, together with a real bench!
AHMO is interpreting a dream of Chef Ooi who dedicated his life to cooking 
good food to serve people. Since graduated from high school,
Chef Ooi has been working with many international hotels and big shot restaurants for 40 years.
Without further ado, let's feast!
AHMO Blend
From left:
Belly Berry (Apple, Strawberry) [RM12]
Strawberry Sunrise (Orange, Strawberry) [RM12]
Mango Lounge (Mango, Pineapple, Mint) [RM12]
Apple Beet (Apple, Beetroot, Celery) [RM12]
Famous 3 (Banana, Mango, Pineapple) [RM12]
Red Mary (Watermelon, Dragon Fruit, Grapes) [RM12]
AHMO Blast (Apple, Banana, Grapes, Orange, Pineapple)  [RM13]
We ordered all mixed fruit smoothies they have on the menu whee!
I am one of the weirdos who likes celery, so I chose Apple Beet.
Very refreshing, even better when the color was pinky pretty!
AHMO Lobster Thermidor [RM138]
One of the very rare occasions I get to eat lobster, I think my last time was, never.
This was one of their signatures,  the creamy, succulent lobster baked with cheese 
loaded with onion slices will blow you away!
Foei Gras Burger [RM28]
My eyes sparkled when I saw this, finally! Somebody is serving this in Penang!
Tried this sinful burger in Symmetry in Singapore and I was hooked!
Juicy chicken patty marinated in spices and herbs with greens and tomatoes
sided with fries, homemade Thai sauce and salad,
everybody gotta try this! At least once, cause it's ... sinful. 
Chicken Pot Pie [RM20]
I know this looks like nothing to shout about but it was thick, creamy
and loaded with mushrooms and chicken cubes!
Escargots a la Bourguignonne [RM25]
Instead of just plain escargots with shells in serving dish, theirs are shell-less with French sauce,
loaded with assorted mushrooms and topped with two slices of garlic bread.
Sorry Gary the snail!
Prawn Olio Olio Spaghetti [RM18]
Soft Shell Crab Spaghetti [RM25]
Both aglio olio style, love the one with soft shell crab!
Lagsane al Forno [RM20]
I'm sorry for not putting up a picture of the inside, the one I took was unacceptably ugly.
Anyway, this was layering cheesy goodness with chicken bits and bolognese sauce.
Chicken Schnitzel [RM15]
My last schnitzel was a horrible one, dry and all I could taste was flour.
Thankfully, this was thin, juicy and crispy.

Apricot Chicken [RM19]
The chef is simply creative by stuffing apricot pieces in between the chicken drumsticks,
giving the savory dish a sweet, chewy twist.
Fish Capers Beurre Blanc [RM18]
Grilled Salmon [RM29]
These two fish dishes are like yin & yang. Go for the first one if you would like something thin
with creamy lemony twist and if you would prefer something thick, refreshing and tangy,
go for the salmon. On a side note, the grilled salmon was loaded with
orange pieces and drowned in orange sauce!
AHMO Lamb Shank [RM36]
Comes in a big portion, this was soft and tender without the scary smell!
Steak & Lamb [RM35]
Can't decide to have beef or lamb? Why not both?
This combo was my favorite of the night, very well executed and marinated!

Crepe Suzette [RM13]
A classic French dessert, I thought the crepe was a little thick but maybe I was too full
when we came to this after all those food we had above.
This zesty treat comes in 4 per serving, sided with scoops of vanilla ice-cream.
In a nutshell, this place serves quality food with in my opinion, a very affordable price.

Huge thanks to AHMO for fulfilling my dream of visiting since 3 years ago :)
And of course, pampering us with so much good food!
AHMO Irrawaddi Road
Opening hours
Monday to Saturday
11am - 3pm | 6pm - 10pm
Closed on Sunday
2, Jalan Irrawaddi, 10050 Penang
04-2299 223 | 019-403 6262


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