Gurney Paragon Penang Fashion Week Backstage Hair Show

Thanks to the very creative Ray, we got this fun shot with Number Three,
where the guy had to wait for us vainpots to be done with the pictures only 
he could collect the numbers back and go home.
Okay back to the topic.
The inaugural Penang Fashion Week, The Pearl of Fashion hosted by Gurney Paragon 
ended last month and I was glad to catch the eye-opening hair show 
The Night Pearl held on the last day.
Organized by Backstage Professional, the event was supported by hair retail brands
Number Three Malaysia and Passion Trading Sdn. Bhd.
Opening the show was Penang's famous salon Aviation Professional with the theme
which combined traditional Japanese hairstyle with modern avant-garde.
When I first saw the models, I thought to myself, "Oh wow erm, but I cant see their hair..."
and they reminded me of no-face from Spirited Away.
And because of that I went looking for the full movie online and slacked on blogging.
The cover was removed, six hairstylists from Aviation Professional
started working on the models' very chio hair.
This model is utterly gorgeous and yeng I couldn't get my eyes off her.
Renowned dancer Jack Kek treated us to a Chinese dance, where he played with
the dragon ball on the vibrant background video done by the multimedia team from The One Academy.
Just when I thought the show couldn't get anymore gaya, the brand ambassador of
Number Three Malaysia, Ray Chan, who is also the founder of Secolo Hairdressing,
brought some crazy, colorful and cutting-edge show.
The futuristic clothing wore by the models during the show were the masterpieces by Xue Kai,
one of the participating designers in Penang Fashion Week.

A group photo with participating partners including members from Backstage Professional,
Number Three Malaysia, Gurney Paragon Mall, Aviation Professional, Secolo Hairdressing,
Passion Trading Sdn Bhd and designer Xue Kai.
Well done everyone for putting up an extraordinary show!
Finally a picture with Keon despite knowing him since the Hard Rock days.
Thanks to HH for taking picture for us.
Darlings from Number Three, too girly I can't handle it!
Of course, last but not least, thanks to this hilarious Lean Hooi for inviting.


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