Farquhar Mansion Afternoon Tea

Every girl's dream: To be able to dress up, sip afternoon tea and gossip.
And what am I doing with my life to achieve that sophisticated dream? Probably nothing.
Situated just opposite E&O hotel, Farquhar Mansion is a fine dining restaurant
and lounge that spoils girls with luxurious setting and environment.
Be it a decent lunch with family, catching up with babes over afternoon tea
or romantic dinner with darling, this place caters to all.
The al-fresco area is casual and relaxing with comfy couches surrounded by greens.
With Gwendolyn, Trista, Laygin and HH
As a full-time journalist, it is quite rare for me to do tai tai things like this anymore as 
most days(when I'm not working) I just feel like lying on bed and do nothing.
I'm grateful that I have friends in my life who would motivate(in a way) me 
to get out of my house to spend time and share laughter. And food.
Anyway, we're talking about their afternoon tea today.
Each afternoon tea set comes in 3-tiers - Savory, Bread and Sweet Platter
Before you start eating, the server would explain to you what are on the platters.
Oh and you should attack from the bottom to top, start from the Savory Platter.
There were air dry duck breast served with black caviar, tandoori chicken canape, 
smoked salmon and ikura on potato pancake and baked wild mushroom quiche.
My favorite goes to the wild mushroom quiche, especially the soft pastry.
Next would be Bread Platter with house special English scones served with clotted cream 
and raspberry jam, mixed berry madeleine and chocolate au pain.
Love the madeleine as the texture was slightly course and
it's a little bit hard on the outside, soft on the inside.
Last but not least, the Sweet Platter that includes lemon shooter,
mont blanc, chocolate yuzu truffle and carrot cake.
Love their rendition of mont blanc which was a combination of sweet, sour, hard and soft.
Each afternoon tea set comes with coffee or tea.
Our jaw dropped when we saw this classy trolley with tea bags and pretty cups at the bottom.
They serve Tea Caddy by Ronnenfeldt with 7 flavors to be chosen from.
There are English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Jasmine, Refreshing Mint, Sweet Berry,
Cream Orange and Fruity White. The last one was everybody's favorite as it was 
sweet with peach and pear fragrance.
Instead of espresso coffee, they serve pour over drip coffee.
There goes my perfect kind of afternoon - A cuppa coffee with a little of sunshine and lots of laughter.
The afternoon tea set is priced at RM98++ for 2 pax and RM138++ for 3 pax.
Available daily(except Monday) from 3pm-5pm, prior reservation is required.
Photo courtesy of Jazz
Huge thanks to Farquhar Mansion for the sophisticated treat
and Jazz for helping me with my narcissistic shot again!

Farquhar Mansion
Opening hours
Monday 12pm - 3pm | 6pm - 2am
Tuesday to Sunday 12pm - 2am
33, Lebuh Farquhar, George Town 10200 Penang
019-528 8933


  1. what a nice place, I passed by E&O on my visit to Penang, and I love it.

    Btw, Havu heard Macalister Mansion? I heard it has restaurant with a pretty and bright design, I really wanna visit it :D

    1. Hello Meidi! :D Yes I've been to Macalister Mansion several times, they have really good afternoon tea there. Here I blogged about it http://www.sillyepiphany.com/2013/12/macalister-mansion-afternoon-tea-for-2.html
      Please come to Penang again, I will definitely bring you there!