Gurney Plaza Fashion Week 2015 - Thomas Sabo | Duchess & Co | Coach

Gave all those sinful food a break and attended the last day of Gurney Plaza Fashion Week 2015
last week. I apologize if you have seen this dress already, as I'm never a fashionista.
Wait, even fashionistas repeat the same clothing too. Anyway,
Living up to their 'premier lifestyle mall' label, they have come up with a super gaya theme -
Fashion Elevated
I was truly mesmerized when I saw those fluffy clouds from higher floor.
The fluffs and blue skies sent a very elegant vibe and created a dreamy atmosphere.
It makes the event less tense and more lively.
Instead of the ordinary T-shaped runway stage, theirs is designed in a more contemporary way.

First up was Thomas Sabo, the global leading jewelry brand from Germany
showcasing their Spring/Summer 2015 Sterling Silver Collections.
That look, I cannot handle *swoon*

Next up was Duchess & Co, a rather new Malaysian fashion brand created
by three fashionistas from KL. The brand offers a timeless
and classy collection of clothing with a modern twist.
Their first store is in Bangsar Village and the second one at Gurney Plaza's first floor.
I was very excited for this show as I heard people raving about it,
but with the only perception that the designs are all pinky and princessey.
Now let's take a look at their Ballerina and Glitterati collection shall we?
How can one resists Ivana Smit's sweet smile?
My favorite piece of all, it's both sexy and classy.
This girl possesses super flirty and playful expressions, I like.
So much class, reminded me of Kate Middleton.
Love this one too, simple, sweet and romantic.
Last but not least, the much anticipated Coach Spring 2015 Collection
featuring the collaboration with Gary Baseman.
Read more about the collection here.
Photo booth was set up outside the store alongside with bubbles. 
Peter Chan, the mall's marcom manager taking a picture of his freshly printed picture
and Lawrence Teh, the centre manager downing himself with a glass of champagne.
Back to the fashion show; My paparazzi shot of Ernest Zacharevic and Low Wee Wern
who were sitting not far away. I'm such a creep aren't I.
Guess who was the guest at the final runway show? Sheena Liam! #fangirlmodeon
If you have no idea who she is(how can you not?!),
she's the winner of Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 2. I have been following her on Instagram,
her posts were inspiring, witty and entertaining. Her cool character is totally worth adoring.

The collection featured elements of fluff and cute creatures by Baseman.
Sheena was back to end the show, what a sweet smile she has!
Of course, I grabbed the photo opportunity with the artist after the show.
And I have found another definition of overjoyed - extreme Asian eyes.
I have no idea why we so happy pun.
So I tried to contain my excitement when I saw Sheena, ended up looking unnatural.
Thanks to Thomas Sabo for the make-up pouch and necklace,
Duchess & Co for the pencil skirt that seemed too long for me(because I short).
This was shot at a very authentic low-cost flat staircase, I hope you like it.
Once again, huge thanks to Thomas SaboDuchess & Co and Coach for the amazing fashion presentations and Gurney Plaza for inviting, I had so much fun!


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