That Latte Place, Ikon Connaught Cheras

 Let's have a cuppa latte! Where? That Latte Place. Which latte place?
That Latte Place.
I hope you get my joke.
Previously located at Ampang in a green garden,
I bet everybody misses the gorgeous garden view but I guess we gotta move on.
Relocated to Ikon Connaught mall in Cheras,
That Latte Place is a quaint cafe managed by this passionate dude named Mark.
 Few years back, Mark did something that most people are afraid to do - Pursuing his dream.
Mark ditched his full time job in the corporate to focus on managing his cafe.
Now that takes courage and strong will, which is why I salute him.

Uplifting quotes scattered everywhere.

Me and Jervis were just discussing having balance in life, physically and spiritually
as we were making our way to this place. And Jervis mentioned this exact quote -
Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.
The coincidence was a little terrifying, and magical at the same time.
God was speaking.
They have added more food apart from their popular breakfast menu.
Side-note: It was their egg ben that started Raymond's crazy affection for eggs benedict.
Anyway, we had a difficult time deciding which to eat as we wanted to try everything.
Breakfast with Bacon [RM20]
My favorite kind of breakfast - Chicken sausages wrapped in bacon,
crispy bacon slices, hash brown sandwiched in homemade toast,
sauteed mushroom, sunny side up eggs and deep fried potatoes.
Apart from the oh-so-crispy bacon, one thing to highlight would definitely be their
deep fried potatoes. They were pre-boiled, deep fried and seasoned with rosemary and oregano.
Jervis wouldn't stop talking about those potatoes and stole some of mine.
 Salmon Steak [RM20]
Pan fried salmon steak with creamy and garlicky grape sauce, interesting and creative
as the sauce gave a sweet fruity twist. Salmon was well done, served with salad and yes, potatoes!
Spicy Mushroom Aglio Olio [RM13]
A rather nutty one as peanuts were added in apart from mushrooms,
garlic, basil pesto and chili flakes. Overall appetizing and pretty addictive.
Iced Passionfruit Tea [RM8]
English breakfast tea infused with passionfruit juice and shaken with ice that
oozes refreshing and cooling sensations. Perfect for a sunny day!
Latte [RM8]
Last but not least, a smooth, aromatic cuppa.
 For dessert, they serve pancakes and homemade cakes such as apple banana oat cake
and pumpkin red dates cake. Was very tempted to order one but too bad I was
going for a body massage after that so, next time then.

Thank you Mark for hosting us, a year ago. Keep up your passion and all the best :)
That Latte Place
Opens daily 10am - 10pm
Ground floor, Ikon Connaught Cheras
Jalan Cerdas, Taman Connaught, 56000 KL
016-850 3546


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