Patsa Thai Thai Boat Noodle

 Thai boat noodle has become a trend in Penang since last year and I regret to say that
it was my first time giving it a try. It's better late than never, right?

Located at Dato Keramat along the shoplot next to GAMA, 
Patsa Thai Thai is an authentic Thai boat noodle restaurant opened for less than 2 months.
Managed by Joey and his wife who is a Thai, 'Patsa' is actually his wife's family name.
Many has mistaken 'patsa' for 'pasta', I'm here to clarify that they don't serve pasta here.
Simple and spacious, you can choose to sit on the floor or at the table.
Pork and beef-free, one thing to highlight about this restaurant is that all profit made
each month goes to the restoration of temples in Roi Et, a province in Thailand.
Joey's wife believes strongly in doing good for good karma.
So remember, you're doing good for the people in Roi Et whenever you dine in here.
Matum Water [RM2]
Boiled with dried bael fruit, Matum water is a healthy herbal drink which we all
find strange on the first sip but it was okay eventually. Tasted like floral with spices.
And of course, this cute Hello Kitty clay mug made things better.
Bee Hoon Soup | Dry Bee Hoon
Glass Noodle Soup | Dry Glass Noodle
 Kuey Tiew Soup | Dry Kuey Tiew
All priced at RM1.90 each, the soup is very flavorful as it was boiled with 3 whole chicken overnight.
Noodle was boink boink chewy especially the yellow glass noodle as it was homemade.
The chicken balls were homemade and they were very dense and delicious.
Each bowl is one spoonful, gluttons like me need at least 10 bowls to stop the tummy from echoing.
 Go with their homemade chili sauces for an extra spicy kick.
Papaya Egg Salty Egg Som Tum [RM20]
Authentic Thai salad with green papaya, bee hoon, hard boiled eggs, salted eggs, sausages and peanuts.
As it was drizzled with fish sauce, which is the authentic way of preparing it,
I find it too fishy to handle. You can choose not to add the fish sauce in.
Also, you can select the level of spiciness. Ours were level 2, and we were puffing fire.

Huge thanks to Joey for hosting!
Patsa Thai Thai Boat Noodle
Opens daily 5pm - 12am
29C, Jalan Dato Keramat, 10150 Penang
016-476 6156


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