KGB Bangsar Killer Gourmet Burgers

Jervis was craving for burger the other day as we were sipping coffee at Pulp,
Raymond then suggested to go for Killer Gourmet Burgers(KGB) in Bangsar. 
Not for the burger, but this orgasmic kimchi bulgogi fries.
Thank you Raymond.
 Simple, not very big with a mirror wall and menus written on the chalkboard,
we had our eyes on the beef burgers. I think I'm addicted to beef now, I'm sorry oink bacon!
 But before the burger, THIS!
Kimchi Fries with Bulgogi [RM13.90]
If you didn't know, bulgogi is a Korean beef dish.
It was a crazily creative Korean and American combination of hand-cut fries
topped with kimchi, juicy sweet bulgogi, cheddar cheese, cream cheese and sour cream.
It was mind-blowing and addictive that made us continuously whacking and nomming
down without any pauses in between although we were both quite full already.
 This is highly, absolutely, completely recommended!
Once again, thank you Raymond for recommending. I owe you satu batang fries!
KGB Spiked [RM15.90]
Crust seared 100% Australian grass-fed beef with cheddar, crispy beef bacon and KGB spicy sauce.
This was recommended by their staff and it's one of their signatures.
To be honest, we thought there was nothing much to shout about.
The spicy sauce was not distinctive, beef patty was just mediocre.
Nevertheless, I will totally come back for a second try.
And yes, for the kimchi bulgogi fries!
KGB Killer Gourmet Burgers Bangsar
Opening hours
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 
5pm - 10:30pm
Friday to Sunday 
12pm - 3pm, 6pm - 10:30pm
Closed on Tuesday
Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru, 59100 KL
03-2201 1220


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