Olive Kitchen + Bar and Beach Bar

We have been seeing each other way too often recently but it was
our very first food review at a bar! Everybody was so ready to go home drunk
but ended up in a food coma instead. That's the only good kind of coma tho.
Situated in Upper Penang Road opposite Slippery Senorita, Olive Kitchen + Bar
is now on my list of where-to-go ever since I was introduced by Sivaji
Almost always crowded especially at night, this place could accommodate
 up to 250 persons. Serving Western and Northern Indian cuisines, the chefs are all
very well trained and experienced. In other words, they know what they're doing.
Football fans will be delighted as they have a huge screen showing football game all day err day.
One thing that makes them stand out from any other bars is the music they play.
Instead of Nicki Minaj and Pitbull, they play retro and old school music!
I would always stop eating/talking to indulge in some good old fashioned
music videos. No auto-tune, nothing pretentious. Just pure, good music.
What's even better is that they have DJ James spins to
retro music every Wednesday to Saturday from 9:30pm onward.
Second floor where we had the whole place to ourselves.
I was told that the food is good but I had doubts in mind. I mean, how much can a bar offer?
Of course, the food turned out to be out of my expectation-ly impressive.
Olive's Paneer Pasanda Pakora [RM20]
It might appeared to be nothing much to shout about but it was surprisingly good.
Crispy deep fried gram flour sandwich with cottage cheese and spices.
Eat together with sliced onion strips and homemade creamy mint dip for lip-smacking goodness.
Party Platter [RM48]
Big plate of happiness for sharing with chicken wings, chicken sausages,
fries, mushroom vol eu vont and mozarella cheese sticks.

Bread Platter [RM16]
It's a naan get together here! The platter consists of garlic naan,
peshawari naan(with nuts and raisins), stuffed kulcha and mint prantha.

Saffron Rice [RM16]
I had quite a horrible experience with saffron rice last time
but this was really good! Fragrant and aromatic, the thick almond flakes added 
crunch and flavor to this simple delicacy.
Daal Ganga Jamuna [RM14]
A combination of two different daal, Ganga and Jamuna
are the two prominent rivers in Bangladesh, India. This is best eaten together with the bread platter.

Murg Tikka Butter Masala [RM31]
Boneless chicken pieces were cooked in tandoor and simmered in tomato, coriander, garlic 
and cream. Juicy, tender and creamy, it's good on its own but if you would like to
 make your meal an even more satisfactory one, go with the saffron rice or naan.
Afghani Mixed Tandoori [RM75]
This is heaven for carnivore like me! Hot and sizzling plate consists of
smoky prawn, fish, chicken and lamb kebab.
Salmon Steak [RM36]
Succulent salmon all cooked on the outside and medium-rare on the inside,
the perfect texture that I love! Comes with garlicky remoulade sauce and
sided with carrot, broccoli and potato wedges.
BBQ Chicken Leg [RM24]
Chicken was juicy and tender with tangy, smoky BBQ goodness.
Sided with rustic potatoes, broccoli and carrots.
Diavola [RM24]
Beef pepperoni, beef sausages and jalapeno with cheddar and mozzarella cheese on thin crust.
It was really, really cheesy!
Chicken Burger [RM22]
Since the legendary burger I had at Hard Rock Cafe, this has to be another mind-blowing one.
Homemade patty was marinated with fragrant spices, stacked together
with fresh greens, tomatoes and capsicums, sided with fries.
Make sure your mouth is big enough or else you would have to eat it layer by layer, like I did.

Their set lunch is totally a steal as it is only RM15.90nett per pax, inclusive of
a main course, free flow of soup of the day, salad, fruits and a glass of soft drink.
Choices of mains rotate every week, there are 8 items to be chosen from
and salmon steak is one of them! Available everyday from 12pm to 2:30pm.
After a satisfying dinner, we headed to their sister property, The Beach Bar just right behind Olive.

Love those funny witty stuff written all over the place.
Eyes sparkled staring at the disco ball; I think we got tipsy even before we started drinking.
Lychee Martini | Sex On the Beach
Blue Lagoon | Strawberry Margarita 
Singapore Sling | Long Island Tea
The night ended with some colorful cocktails and our random, ridiculous conversation.
Huge thanks to Olive Kitchen + Bar and Tom for hosting and feeding us!
Olive Kitchen + Bar | The Beach Bar
Opens daily 11:30am - 3am
3J, Jalan Penang, 10000, Penang
016-597 9640

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