Macallum Connoisseurs Penang

Easily spotted along Gat Lebuh Macallum(五条路), this huge cafe is currently
the hottest topic in town. Simple, minimalist yet vibrant with great ambiance, 
Kodaline's and Of Monsters and Men's songs were playing when I was there!
Music is an instant mood-lifter to me, but not Crazy Frog tho.
There is ample parking space just right in front of the cafe, so you don't really have to
worry about parking issue and walking distance to get to this, as Jimmy would put it,
a warehouse. Couldn't agree more, it really does look like a warehouse.
Our food took quite some time to arrive, which was a blessing in disguise
as it allowed us Raymond to take narcissistic photos of me.
I had fun toying with his camera as I forgot to bring mine,
can't recall if I did that on purpose. The wide-angle lens is super keat keat.
 The Minimalist, as quoted by the guy behind the lens.
Macallum's Breakfast [RM18]
Raymond's very colorful plate filled with sunny side-ups, chicken frankfurter,
chicken bacon, grilled capsicum, baked potatoes, half avocado
and roasted tomato sided with house bread and salad.
Connoisseur's Breakfast [RM25]
My plate of porky goodness consists of homemade pork sausage(slightly too salty),
pork bacon, poached eggs, roasted tomato, huge portobello,
half avocado sided with house salad(passionfruit dressing) and toast.
These 2 items are available from 9am to 11am only.
They serve pastas, burgers, bagels and poultry during other times.
For drinks, they serve coffee, tea, smoothies, fresh juices and frappes.
 Red Velvet Cake was spongey good.
Okay one last one of myself.
Huge thanks to Raymond for lending me his wife(camera)
and helping me with photos without complaining.
Check him out on Facebook and Instagram, his work is crazy good. 
You can be best friends with him if you're a coffee, landscape and nature enthusiast!

Macallum Connoisseurs
Opens daily 9am - 12am
1, Gat Lebuh Macallum, 10300 Georgetown Penang
016-422 1259


  1. eh....guan lai ur BF is photographer huh?

    1. Raymond isn't my bf la lol! You're not the only one who thought that though :/

  2. Im so in love with every single photo in ur blog! Nice~

  3. your blog is nice, and you are NOT fat la..please tumbuk that raymond guy please =)


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