Monroe Cafe & Lounge 1926 Heritage Hotel

I wouldn't be offended if you think I looked like a transgender, cause I'd totally agree with you.
Situated at the ever bustling Burmah Road, Monroe is a newly added conceptual cafe
cum lounge to the 1926 Heritage Hotel. It is a combination of cocktail bar,
restaurant as well as live music venue.
Marilyn Monroe, the famous model/actress in the 50s is no stranger to anybody.
I guess she's the only lady in the world who made
bulging tummy, flabby arms and no thigh gap sexy as hell.
"Being normal is boring." 
That's my favorite quote from the American sex symbol. #becauseinonormal
With my very sporting twin brother Luigi.
I blame Jazz's camera that made my face looked plastic.
Oh I have bulging tummy too, aren't I sexy?
Offering a variety of cakes and Western delights, they are serving Musetti coffee,
Naturalis tea and an extensive menu of beer, wine and whisky.
Happy hours start from 5pm to 9pm everyday.
With HuiHui and Carrine behind SeeMou's mockup Instagram frame.
SeeMou means trendy in Cantonese, a pretty cool app that recommends places to eat and shop.
Check them out here.
Furnished with high wooden tables, you can find pictures
and paintings of the icon every corner of the cafe.
I spotted Ray once I stepped in, shouted his name in excitement and... 
everybody was looking at me. It was worth it tho cause I got heellloooooo Jenniferrr in return.
Everybody smile for the camera! This GoPro has made selfie so much easier and enjoyable.
Live band getting everybody's groove on.
I was sitting alone babysitting everybody's belongings while
the rest brought food from the buffet spread to the table.
Felt like a slave and a queen at the same time.

Walked home with a Marilyn Monroe mug, ooh that sexy mole.
Huge thanks to Monroe for inviting and Jazz for my narcissistic shots.

Monroe Cafe & Lounge
Opens daily 9am - 2am
04-227 1926
227, Jalan Burmah, 10050 Penang


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