Love A Loaf Vantage Desiran Tanjung

Nothing beats a lovely afternoon with a cuppa while the sun shines bright.
Oh wouldn't it be perfect if I were in the picture instead of this guy?

Joke aside, Love A Loaf is a French-inspired bakery cafe
that serves wide array of freshly baked bread with no preservatives and artificial coloring.
Besides, choices of pastries, cakes, coffee and drinks are sweeping too.
Operating for less than a year, they have gained fame from their first outlet
in The One, Bayan Baru, with huge crowds coming in and out everyday.

I recalled Jeslyn offering me one of their hot-selling items,
Heavenly Lemon and I fell in love with it right away.
They have just opened their second outlet in Tanjung Tokong not long ago,
more spacious and less crowd(for now), me likey!
Without further ado, food.

Croissant Danish Series
Fresh Croissant [RM2.70]
 Pain Au Chocolate [RM3.20]
 Buttery Almond Danish [RM3]
Croissant and Pain au Chocolate are the most common pastry items 
available at Paris bakeries and you can find them here!
Multi-layered, flaky and buttery, these are making me missing Paris badly!
 The crunchy and soft pastry is irresistible,
love the Pain au Chocolate that oozes bitter sweet Belgium chocolate.
Generous amount of crunchy almond flakes sprinkled all over totally sealed the deal.
 Fruitiest Danish [RM4.20]
 Creamcheese Danish [RM4.20]
Bacon Viennoiserie [RM5.50]
If those 3 were too 'plain' for you, go for their sweet and savory variations.
Sweet tooth would love the Fruitiest Danish filled with pineapple, peach and strawberries.

Sweet Bread Series
Cranberry Creamcheese [RM3.20]
Chocolatine [RM3]
Japanese Matcha Mochi [RM3.50]
More choices for the sweet tooth! This series of bread is made of sweet flour.
Love A Loaf is innovative in creating interesting
combination of mouthwatering flavors. Now I pity those decidophobics.
Bread was soft and fluffy, you can see that they're very generous with the filling.
My favorite goes to Chocolatine!
Signature Smashed Potato [RM3.50]
Chicken Floss Salad [RM3.20]
French Garlic Cheddar Cheese [RM3.40]
American Cheesy Sausage [RM4]
Of course there are also other choices that cater to savory monsters like me.
Unlike the usual chicken floss bun you find in any bakeries,
theirs is stuffed with scrambled eggs and cucumbers.
Spread with fragrant garlic butter and stuffed with one whole piece of cream cheese,
the French Garlic Cheddar Cheese is to-die-for!

Less Sugar, Less Oil Soft Euro Series
Darkseed Grain Bread [RM3.80]
Go ultra healthy with this one loaded with lots of walnuts, almonds,
pumpkin seeds and sesame. I've always think that healthy food tastes horrible/bland
but this is quite a tasty one! Love especially the crunchiness of the multi-seeds.

French Bread Series
Cranberry Walnut [RM3.50]
As this contains no oil, no sugar and no egg, hence it is hard and slightly dry.
In fact, it was a little too hard for me to handle
but French bread die-hard fans, you know where to go!

Done with all the roti, now to the cakes!
Honey Cake [RM5.50]
Indulge in the light sweetness of honey imported from Taiwan in these yummy fluffy babies.
Fruity Indulgence [RM6.90]
Lemonade Cheesecake [RM7.90]
Anpan Matcha [RM6.90]
Opera Gateau [RM7.90]
Blueberry Cheesecake [RM7.90]
Oreo Cheesecake [RM7.90]
Chocolate Mousse [RM7.90]
Amazed by the cakes they've got to offer. 
I'm never a fan of red bean but I fell in love with the smooth blended azuki beans
sandwiched between the flavorful greentea cream in their Anpan Matcha.
The sweetness of each cakes are just right and not cloying,
love especially the layering of Opera Gateau.
Chocolate lovers should go for their rich Chocolate Mousse!
Whole cakes are available at 6" and 8" for pre-order too.
Long Black [RM8]
Cappucino [RM9]
Caffe Shakerato [RM10]
Using their very own signature blend, do note that their coffee is 
on the acidic side. The foam on the Cappucino was smooth!
People who likes sweetened coffee, I recommend you to go for their Caffe Shakerato.
It's like ice shaken americano with sugar added. 
Hot Chocolate [RM9]
French Rose Tea [RM12.90/2 pax]
Non-caffeinated drinks and tea are available as well.
French Rose Tea goes perfectly with the Fruity Indulgence cake,
it's perfect for an elegant, girly picture too!

Huge thanks to Love A Loaf for hosting and Trista for inviting!
Love A Loaf Bakery Cafe

Vantage Desiran Tanjung Outlet
Opens daily 8am - 10pm
04-899 9089
C-G-5, Vantage Desiran Tanjung, Jalan Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Penang

The One, Bayan Baru Outlet
Opens daily 10am - 10pm
04-645 9089
1-1-16, Tingkat Mahsuri, Bayan Lepas Penang


  1. The bread is great (Vantage Desiran Tanjung Outlet). The environment is good. Unfortunately the attitudes of workers are really shit. They are not friendly and not even know how to say "Thank You" when you paying the bill. I went there few times but never heard a word "Thank you" from them. I believe they are not well trained by the employer. Just too bad!!!


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