Kumamono Bear Paw Bun Queensbay Mall

Posing with ma juicy bear paw bun when a wild bear
spotted begging for food at the back. Isn't that cannibalism?
Originated from a night market in Taiwan, Kumamono(熊鱼食) 
is so popular that there would always be queue at the night market
just to grab one of these cute and yummy buns.

Lucky us Penangites, they have finally made their way to Penang!
The store is located at lower ground floor of Queensbay Mall,
 next to Kenny Rogers and opposite Jusco.
Oh and 16 of us created a mini traffic jam the other day teehee!Soft and fluffy, these cuteness overloaded buns comes in different color and flavors.
Currently on the menu would be Milk, Brown Sugar and Whole grain
while Yam, Squid Ink and Strawberry are limited editions.Out of no where, I became(kind of) the brand ambassador when the organizer
Rachael passed me this packet of yam flavored bear paw bun to show everybody.
All buns are manufactured and imported from Taiwan.Before I visited, I thought it's just the cute bun alone without any filling.
Which might be boring, and I prefer savory than sweet.
And hallelujah! There are actually stuff sandwiched in between!First, choose your flavor of bun - Whole Grain, Milk or Brown Sugar
Next, choose your 'meat':
Kuma's Chicken [RM6.90], Karage Crispy Chicken [RM9.90],
Karage Spicy Chicken [RM9.90] and Oishii Fish Fillet [RM9.90].
Once you have made up your mind, pick one sauce from
Tartar, Sesame, Black Pepper and Cheese.

I recommend milk bun with karage crispy chicken with black pepper sauce.
Everything are prepared on the spot - Steaming bun, frying 'meat',
lettuce and tomatoes are fresh from the market so you get the freshest of everything.
There are combos available as well including a bottle of coke and
curry fish ball/cheezy wedges to go with the bear paw buns.
The combos range from RM10.90 to RM13.90, which is very affordable in my opinion.
Feel free to ask for the limited edition flavors that aren't on the menu,
who knows you might get lucky? ;)Sidelines:
Fish Ball with Cheese [RM5.90] | Chicken Boxing [RM6.90]
Curry Fish Ball [RM4.90] | Potato Wedges [RM4.90]
Love the chicken boxing, highly recommended!

Soft drinks, refreshing juices and smoothies range from
RM3.50 to RM7.90 are available to quench your thirst.

Seats are quite limited at the store so it's best to take-away.

And please, do not distract me with more food while I'm nomming down my bear paw!

And that's a wrap!
Huge thanks to Kumamono for hosting and Jazz for inviting!

Kumamono Queensbay Mall
Opens 10am-10pm daily
LG-87A, Queensbay Mall, 100 Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900 Penang


  1. I think the Go Pro photo at least 5bloggers stealing it....hmmm.....

    1. Because it's nice and all of us can't afford GoPro :P


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