Kai Curry Bar Burmah Road

Along a not so significant path off the bustling Burmah Road lies this warm, homey place
where everything is prepared from scratch and ultimately, from the heart.
Why 'Kai'? That was the question I had before I set foot into this house.
This cute little boy is Kai, the inspiration of this curry bar.
Since young, Kai loves drawing and making origamis of dinosaurs.

Scribbles of dinosaurs can be seen everywhere in the house.
Whether on the menu, chairs and ceiling. They're all drawn by Kai!
The mother of Kai, Mag, who is also the owner and cook
of this place is a huge fan of curry.
Married to a Japanese and lived in Japan for a few years, 
Mag has been experimenting with different recipes and ingredients,
to come out with her very own interpretation of Japanese-inspired curry.
Cooked with 15 types of local spices, loads of love and sincerity,
her creation is simply lip-smacking that one must not miss.

Done with the background story, now to the food!
Potato Salad [FOC]
Their very own rendition of potato salad is delectable with 
extra onion kick, sided with sliced Japanese cucumbers and marinated kelp.
It's amazing how simplicity made us all so happy.
This is complimentary with any ordered dishes!
Pork Katsu Curry [RM16.90]
Here comes the bomb!
I know it looked like there's nothing much to shout about but our jaw dropped 
when we bit into the juicy, succulent and crunchy pork cutlets!
It was so good that we ordered another one!
If you're not a fan of pork(but why??), opt for chicken which is equally good.
Pork Hamburg Curry [RM16.90]
More porky goodness! Homemade pork patties are packed with herbs and spices,
a very delicious one that goes really well with melted cheeeeeese!
Ebi Furai Crumbed Prawn Curry | Fish Cutlet Curry [RM17.90 each]
Catering to the seafood enthusiasts, fish cutlet curry was cooked with mahi-mahi
which was even crispier compared to other fishes.
Tomato and Okra(vegetarian curry) [RM15.90]
Vegetarian curry is sweeter compared to pork curry and this one has a pleasing texture
of crunchy okra and soft cherry tomatoes that burst in your mouth!
Sauteed Mushroom and Spinach with Vegetarian Curry [RM15.90]
Another healthy and green option, as compared to the one above,
this appeared to be less exciting but of course palatable.
Plain Pork Curry(with cheese) [RM12.90]
Eat really simple with curry only, we cheated with added cheese.

We all happened to be rice buckets so we did not order anything
from their udon menu but yea, they offer udon as well.
And good news for rice buckets like us, refill of rice is free of charge!
Oh dear God that's the reason I can never have flat tummy...
You can opt for Pork Curry or Vegetarian Curry for any of the dishes at the same price.
The price shown above is the original price excluding cheese topping of RM3.50 per serving.
Fukujinzuke (Pickles)
Their homemade pickles are marinated with chopped lotus root, brinjal,
radish and sesame seeds which can be savor alone or together with the curry.
Salmon Cream Croquette [RM3.50/each]
Crumbed potato cakes stuffed with salmon were so soft on the inside and
crispy crunch on the outside. We couldn't resist and ended up ordering another 3!
Seared Chicken [RM5]
These tender and lightly seasoned seared chicken cutlets were another recommended side dish.
Hot/cold wheat tea was served, it's bottomless and complimentary.
Photo credit to Jazz and Trista
I wasn't feeling well that night but glad that I insisted to drag
myself there(trust me, it wasn't easy), for the awesome curry was all worth it.

Huge thanks to Kai Curry Bar for inviting!
They do catering too with lotsa enticing finger food, do check them out :)
Kai Curry Bar | Umai Kitchen
Opens Tuesday to Saturday 11am - 3pm | 6pm - 9pm
Closed on Sunday and Monday
15, Jalan Phuah Hin Leong, Off Burmah Road, 10050  Penang
04-226 0322


  1. so after u taste the curry and u get well or worse for the next day?....hehe~

  2. Hi Jennifer, this is Adrian from Urban Home. I am the interior designer in charged of Mag's Kai Curry Bar. I like one of the interior photo you have taken; it's the fifth from top. Can I pls have the permission to use it as one of my projects reference? Thank you.

    1. Hi Adrian, sure you can but is it possible to credit me https://www.facebook.com/sillyepiphany/ please? Thanks!