Coffea Coffee Karpal Singh Drive Automall

I did not expect to be reminded of my life purpose while I was sipping my coffee.
To just enjoy, you didn't think it was Coffea Coffee, or did you?
If you have done cafe-hopping in KL, okay even if you haven't,
pretty sure you have heard of this cafe before.
I was elated to learn that they have finally made their way to Penang,
Automall in Karpal Singh Drive.
I have been to their outlet in Bangsar for a quick cuppa with Queen Elisa,
where I shook hand with Ben, without knowing that he was that Ben from Fly FM.

Anyway, love the warm and comfortable ambiance exuded from the wooden interiors.
It was very welcoming and makes you want to spend your entire day there,
be it people-watching, reading, or just doing nothing.

The al-fresco area looks like a playground. It would be great place to chill in the evening.
Founded by a Korean guy, Timothy Choi, the multi-award winning cafe
specializes in Specialty Coffee from the 12 top producing farms around the world -
Brazil, Guatemala, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sumatra, Colombia,
Costa Rica, Honduras, El'salvador, Nicaragua, Rwanda and Yemen.

Widely known for their own roasting and blending styles,
highlighting these two blends - Maestro and Madonna.
Maestro is a classic American style roasted blend
with dark chocolate undertones. It is strong and full-bodied blend.
On the other hand, Madonna is a sweet 
European-style roasted blend that is aromatic with slight-acidity.

Upon ordering, the barista would ask you to choose between these two variations.
So please make up your mind before you order so that you don't hold up the line.

Apart from their extensive selections of coffee, there have some interesting ones 
such as Peanut Butter Latte and Chai Oreo.

Serving cakes, quiches, cookies, scones and take-away sandwiches(freshly made every morning), 
the only bummer is that they don't have main courses.
Caffe Latte [RM10.50]
Both Mel and me picked Maestro over Madonna, great aroma but we both agreed that
it appeared to be diluted. No idea what went wrong but we came to conclusion that
different barista creates different taste of cuppa, we will definitely come back again #givechance
Two simple words were sufficient to make my day!
Oatmeal Lemon Cheesecake [RM14]
By judging at the look, I was a little worried that it could be really sweet but it wasn't.
The right amount of sweetness, cheesiness and zest with thick crumb base.
It was so good that we almost ordered another one!
Wholemeal Salmon Sandwich [RM11.90]
Mel's verdict: It was delicious but the bread was soggy.
Well that was expected as it had been placed in the chiller since morning.
Turkey Ham Quiche [RM10.90]
Cheesy with turkey ham and broccoli on soft crunchy crust, it was good and not cloying.

Sign up for their membership at RM15 and enjoy 30% discount on
any food and beverages(except promotional items) until December 21. 
Membership holders are entitled 10% discount after the promotion is over.
Coffea Coffee Karpal Singh Drive Automall
Opening hours
Sunday to Thursday 
9am - 1am
Friday, Saturday & Eve of public holiday
9am - 2am
04-376 2055
29C-02-17 & 29C-03-17 Maritime, Karpal Singh Drive 2,
Lebuh Sungai Pinang 5, 11600 Penang