Shervone Cakes 2.0 Cafe

Stepping into this place is like attending a princess' birthday party.
Well known for their custom made 3D cakes in Krystal Point,
they have opened up a cafe located in Pulau Tikus,
opposite Tan Mark bookstore with food, coffee and handmade chocolates.
Apart from that, they're also selling party decos and essentials.
If you want a Frozen themed party(or other theme), head right here!
Love this cute and quirky corner with chairs made of wheelbarrows.
Cray cray detailed 3D cakes on display.
They have got 11 years of experience in making cakes.
This is too cute to handle!
Any Hello Kitty fans?

They're using Aristo capsule for their caffeinated beverages. 
Coffee machines and capsules are available on sale too.
Without further ado, to the food!
Heng Penang Laksa with Laksa Noodle [RM6.90]
Heng Penang Laksa with Angelhair [RM7.90]
Only available during weekends, the recipe was inherited from the boss' family
who used to sell laksa in Farlim on a trishaw for 50 years.
They got innovative by using angelhair as an alternative.
The east-meets-west tweak is worth trying!
Ciabata Cheesy Chicken [RM13.80]
Panini Wasabi Salmon [RM15.80]
These reminded me of the cold sandwiches I had in Paris.
Simple and yummy without any overpowering sauces.
Love the salmon one with a little bit of wasabi kick, sided with a bowl of egg.
The 'Long' Meal [RM17.80]
The three long musketeers were egg and sausage on stick,
grilled chicken wrapped with greens, cheese and mayo.
Briyani Spice Rice with Chicken [RM19.80]
Fragrant briyani spice rice cooked with cashew nuts sided with juicy grilled chicken.
Love the almond flakes on top of the chicken that gave it a crunchy texture
as well as the chili paste that added to the flavor.
Spaghetti Bolognese Chicken [RM15.80]
Spaghetti Aglio e Olio [RM13.80]
Overall acceptable but more herbs to the bolognese and more oil to the aglio olio would be perfect.

Briyani Fried Rice [RM8.90]
The portion is quite hefty! With succulent prawns added in for juiciness.
Dirty Water [RM7]
Don't be deceived by the name, it's actually americano from Aristo capsule.
Comes with a cute little pretzel biscuit.
Lemonade [RM7.90]
Love their lemonade, it's quite sour though.
Black Diamond [RM8.80]
Chocolicious [RM8.80]
Classic Cheesecake [RM8.80]
Double Chocolate [RM8.80]
All priced at RM8.80 each, my vote goes to the fluffy Black Diamond,
love the charcoal cream that surrounded the green tea cake.
Creme Brulee [RM11.90]
Affogato [RM11]
Instead of plain vanilla ice-cream, they gave it a little twist by adding mango in.
Nutella Cookies
Nutella lovers would rejoice when they take a bite on this crunchy cookie with rich Nutella!
Handmade Chocolate [RM3.20 each]
They have just ventured into handmade chocolates and there are
some interesting flavors such as wasabi and curry banana!
Gift boxes are available too, perfect for pressies especially on Valentine's Day.
Photo credit to Jazz Tan
Last but not least, me against the cute wall that caught my attention.
My birthday wish would be a Macbook Pro, hope my laptop doesn't die before that.
Huge thanks to Shervone Cakes for hosting and Caryn for arranging!
Shervone Cakes 2.0 Cafe
Opens daily 9am - 9pm
230A, Jalan Burma, Pulau Tikus, Penang
012-429 6948


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