Love & Latte Cafe Love Lane

Nutella, the only reason to buy bread. Or pancake in this case.
Nestled in the vibrant Love Lane, I have passed by this cafe so many times
and finally had the opportunity to step inside.
Love & Latte comes to life when cousins Matthew, a seasoned barista
and Kian Tat, a barista-cum-chef who shares the same passion.
Nutella lovers can rejoice when they see the menu as the cafe serves a variety of food
as well as drinks that contain the heavenly hazelnut chocolate spread.
Love this simple yet pretty piece.
It didn't cross my mind why there are so many love quotes hanging all over,
until I recalled the name of the cafe. Slow poke is slow.
That's what Christopher Robin said to Winnie the Pooh before he left in
Pooh's Grand Adventure - The Search for Christopher Robin,
one of the cartoons I watched repeatedly besides Cinderella.
I think this was the very first lesson about love and courage I got from cartoon as a kid.
So much memories, so much wisdom in this.
We were sitting upstairs that night, warm lights with music playing
at the background and people chatting away. Oh that's John posing for me!
Intentional imperfect wall is simply gorgeous.
We sampled the basic Cappucino [RM9] and signature Nutella Latte [RM11].
Cappucino was smooth and milky while Nutella latte was too sweet to my liking.
I'm just one weirdo who doesn't fancy Nutella, oh well.
Hope I don't get any hate comments from Nutella fanatics for saying this.
Threesome [RM18]
Great idea when you want to try small sips of each drinks they've got to offer.
Pick any 3 from
Espresso, Ristrestto, Flatwhite, Cappucino, Mocha, Nutella Latte,
Nutella Choc, Hot Chocolate, Greentea Latte and Honey Milk.
Just Nutella Pancake [RM11]
Stacks of pancakes spread with Nutella, drizzled with dark chocolate sauce
and topped with caramelized nuts. God would totally forgive this sin that I commit.
Matcha Pancake with Azuki Beans [RM16.50]
Fluffy greentea pancakes topped with red beans and greentea ice-cream.
The ice-cream was creamy while the azuki beans added texture to the dish.
3 in 1 Pancake with Egg [RM15]
Apart from sweet pancakes, they serve savory pancakes too.
Bacon, smoked duck, smoked salmon and scramble egg sitting
on stacks of pancakes sided with maple syrup. This makes a perfect breakfast!

Smoked Salmon Pizza [RM18]
Bacon + Egg Pizza [RM15]
Prefer the bacon one compared to the salmon one as I find the latter to be a little too plain.
Or maybe I'm a typical bacon monster and egg lover.
Banana Puff [RM10.50]
I wasn't impressed by this at first until I took a bite.
Crunchy pastry with warm fragrant bananas were heavenly!
Eat it with the vanilla ice-cream for a hot n cold sensation.
Affogato Green Tea [RM9]
 Not your typical vanilla ice-cream with shot of espresso,
I find the taste of vanilla masking the greentea.
Overall was palatable but they might want to consider putting more greentea in.
"What's the difference between a boyfriend and a husband?
About 30 pounds."
I don't get it. Can somebody kindly explain this to me?

Anyhoo, huge thanks to Love & Latte and Tour Directions for hosting!
Love & Latte Cafe
Opens 9am - 11:30pm daily
86, Love Lane, 10200 Georgetown Penang

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