Monkeycup Cafe Chow Thye Road

 When I first heard of the name of this cafe, I thought this is another ordinary place
that sells gimmick with pretty decorations, perhaps some murals painted on walls without 
any character. I was so wrong about it.
 Operating for 2 months now, this cafe had no name on their first month of operation.
People started to question(more like complain) why doesn't a cafe has a name.
It is important for our Instagram followers to know where exactly we are you see.
As they have monkeycup plantations in their cafe, so to end the complaints once and for all,
they named their cafe Monkeycup.
I was stunned when I heard the story behind this, and it got even more interesting as the storytelling went on.

The long corridor with pretty sunlight shinning in during the day,
you can't see it here cause we went in the evening.
They made all the chairs and tables out of reclaimed wood and
even painted the walls on their own, pretty impressive.
 A peek at their menu; This place doesn't serve the ordinary big breakfast nor eggs benedict.
They serve Thai and Western food!
 Another thing that makes this cafe worth coming is their coffee.
This is the very first cafe in Penang that uses Peaberry coffee beans!
Peaberry coffee beans
Now what exactly is a peaberry?
Normally, a coffee cherry produces two coffee beans with flat sides while peaberry
is considered an abnormality as the coffee bean is in pea-shaped(whole) without flat side.
Peaberries are separated from harvest and sold separately hence, the price is higher.
But here, the price of their coffee is the same with any other cafes out there,
as the cafe owner has the goal of wanting more people
to enjoy the exquisite taste of peaberry coffee at an affordable price.
I love this place already before I even tried their coffee or food.
Americano [RM7.90]
Caffe Latte [RM9.90]
Caffe Cappuccino [RM9.90]
Served with a cup of plain water on a wooden tray, the presentation alone was pleasing.
My first time trying peaberry. It was bitter at first, but as you swallow it,
the bitterness just goes away. The after-taste was pretty magical and smooth!
 Iced Greentea Latte / Iced Dolcetto [RM12.90 each]
Major love for their greentea latte! Unlike those you order at Starbucks/ Coffee Bean, 
their greentea latte is blended with mixed herbs with strong Jasmine fragrant!
Som Tum [RM10.80]
Their very own rendition of som tum is added with green apples and oranges,
bringing this popular green papaya salad to a whole new level.
Sweet, sour, savory and most importantly, the spiciness that made us tear up a bit
yet we just couldn't stop eating! And thumbs up to the fragrant roasted peanuts too!
Phat Thai [RM10.80]
Another popular Thai dish would be this springy stir-fried rice noodles and eggs, stir together
with raw cucumber and beansprouts, red chili pepper, chopped roasted peanuts and lime juice.
Basil Leaves Chicken [RM12.50]
People who loves basil would totally love this dish, unfortunately not me.
The basil fragrant was way too much for me to handle. 
Served together with Jasmine fragrant rice imported from Thailand,
a sunny side-up and a bowl of soup.
Not a fan of Thai food? Here are some Western European flair!

Croissantism [RM12.80]
Freshly baked fluffy, soft croissant stuffed with eggs and cheese, simple yet delicious!
Sided with greens, cherry tomatoes, croutons and homemade balsamic dressing.
 Angelababie [RM12.80]
Don't you just love their sense of humor?
Al dente angel hair with creamy yet not cloying cream sauce with lotsa mushrooms and turkey hams.

Teriyaki Chicken Burger [RM15.80]
Well marinated, juicy chicken patty sandwiched between sesame buns with cheese and greens.
Sided with slightly burnt hand cut wedges that I love and salad with homemade dressing.
Greentea / Oreo / Strawberry Cheesecake [RM10.90 each]
Not cloying, with correct amount of sweetness and a layer of crunchy crumbs at the base.
My favorite would be greentea! It's the same greentea for the iced latte, yum and refreshing!
 Chocolata [RM4.90]
A piece of sticky, harden chocolatey heaven for sweet ending.
Perfect combination with a cuppa coffee!
Last but not least, thanks to Jinni for helping me with my mandatory narcissistic shot.
Huge thanks to Monkeycup for hosting as well as valuable lessons on coffee!
Monkeycup Cafe
Opens daily from 9am to 12am
012-209 5536
36C, Jalan Chow Thye 10050 Penang


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  2. There is a misdescription on your blog. Their "AngelababiE" is not "Angelababi" (Please refer to your own photo of their menu board), this can mislead the public and could potentially defame the cafe. Kindly take note and amend the same. After all we blogger owes the public a duty to state the facts as it is. :-)

    1. Hi JM, thanks so much for spotting the mistake and pointing it out, I have amended according. Thanks for dropping by :)

  3. Is the cafe halal certified btw?