Japin Bandar Sunway

The name Japin shouldn't be new to anyone,
especially those who goes to Queensbay Mall often.
Newly opened for 2 months in Bandar Sunway, this is their fourth outlet in Malaysia.
Japin is well known as a fastfood concept Japanese restaurant that offers
crazily extensive menu at a very affordable price.
A peek at their lunch set menu available from 11:30am to 3pm, all under RM20.
The set includes soup, drink and slices of watermelon.
If there's nothing you're keen of ordering on the set menu,
order an ala carte of your choice and pay RM3-RM10 for their add-ons.
Let's start with some ala carte!
 Kakuni Chasyu / Marinated Stew Pork [RM14.80] 
 Ebi Kushi Katsu / Fried Prawn [RM16.80]
 Salmon Head Shioyaki [RM15.80]

Gyoza / Dumpling RM8.80
 Ajitama / Molten Egg[RM2]
 Unagi Kabayaki / Grilled Unagi [RM29.80]

Tori Teriyaki / Teriyaki Chicken [RM16.30]
All these ala carte are good enough to complete your meal with just a bowl of white rice!
To be honest, I find the taste slightly overpowering when it comes to seasoning.
We asked the boss about it to find out that the taste has been adjusted to Malaysians' preference.
Good news to those who likes heavy seasoning! Boohoo to me.
 Kaisen Miso Ramen [RM20.80]
Miso based ramen with seafood treasures such as scallops, prawns,
squids, beansprouts, seaweed and corns.
 Katsu Kimuchi Udon [RM20.30]
It looks like kimchi jjigae doesn't it? A touch of Korea in a Japanese restaurant!
A little too spicy to my liking though.
 Kare Raisu [RM15.80]
 Beef curry rice for curry lovers, do note that Japanese curry is on the sweet side.
 Salmon Yaki Set [RM18.80]
This set is available on the lunch set menu, available from 11:30am to 3pm.
Fried salmon sides with greens, serves with a bowl of rice, miso soup and watermelon.
 Salmon Mayo-Teriyakidon Set [RM19.80]
This set is available on the dinner set menu, available from 6pm onwards.
The set comes with salad, miso soup and watermelon.
You could find many varieties of salmon here, this one is drizzled with mayonnaise.

Hancya Tei Shoku [RM24.80]
Choose from Syoyu Ramen or Kara(spicy) Ramen.
 Serves with fried rice, salad, dessert(almond soup with red bean),
small bowl of kimchi and two slices of watermelon. Perfect for sharing!
Value Set B(Dinner) [RM45]
Spicy Teriyaki Don(with chili padi!), Dorai Udon(stir-fried udon),
Tori Kara-age(fried chicken), Korokge(Japanese hash brown) and 2 bowls of salad.
Last but not least, dessert!
Furutsu-An-Nin [RM7.80]
Almond soup with mixed fruit
Shiratama (Coconut Kake)
Rice ball with coconut flakes.
 Huge thanks to Japin for hosting, our tummies were bloated!
Japin Bandar Sunway
Opens daily 11:30am - 10pm
04-383 8219
No. 75, Jalan Todak 6, Pusat Bandar Seberang Jaya, 13700 Penang


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