Haji Lane, hidden gem in Singapore

This was the day before I left Singapore last week,
I am shockingly efficient this time, aren't I?
I guess I am a little bit sick of food reviews, so I thought I could use a break
and share some photos I took on my adventure in the city
with some inconsistent editing and long-winded blabber.
Parkview Square at Bugis
Instead of being a lazy bum that I normally am, I was determined to explore on my own.
It started raining quite heavily right after I showered, it's like God doesn't want me to be adventurous.
But I insisted to head out, the rain never bothered me anyway! *Elsa's smirk*

Got on a bus, went on the wrong direction, hopped off the bus, got on the wrong bus again,
dropped my DSLR on the floor and everyone on the bus was looking at me,
and finally arrived at Jurong East. I started thinking this adventure was a mistake.
Or maybe my existence in this world is a mistake.
Finally found this gelato place that I have been wanting to try at Westgate.
The story behind this is pretty hilarious, and embarrassing.
Rose white chocolate flavor for the outer petals and rum n raisins in between.
Too sweet to my liking, but oh well I paid for the gimmick.
What I didn't show you were those clumsy messy behind-the-scenes of the melted gelato
dripping all over my hand and me trying to take selfies with it.
The outcome was quite a turn-off.

Girl Caressing Lion Cub at Victoria Street by Ernest Zacharevic 
Hopped on the MRT to Bugis, and the sun was out!
Got myself KOI greentea macchiato while asking around where exactly this mural is.
Nobody seems to know, or maybe they just didn't bother to tell me
cause they wanted to latch on their phones.
Bumped into a nice lady(from Penang!) and talked for half an hour.
Another reason why I love going out alone, I can talk to anybody I want(or don't)
for as long as I want without feeling bad. I should do this more often.
Being a creep taking pictures of that pretty lady on her Macbook with a cuppa
Walked pass this pretty cool cafe named Chemistry, dropped by with Cynthia
later on to find out they only serve coffee and dessert.
Isn't the wooden tables and stools good looking?
 I heard there are artsy-fartsy stuff on Arab Street too but I skipped it.

And here I am at the historical and vibrant Haji Lane,
a great escape from the bustling streets, shopping malls and sky scrappers' mundanity.
Despite coming to Singapore once every year since 2009, I had never been to this place.
What a shame! But then again, I wasn't an adventurous person back then.
This is probably the most 'alive' street in the lion city.
There are shops, cafes and bars, pretty much everything I need.
And yes, the colors that fascinate, the food for my eyes.
Oh thank you 9gag!
Love the red and blue one! This is kinda like Georgetown, without cars.
 Found a little piece of London(is it London?), spot the cute mini shopping cart.
 Bamboos, cheap clothes, brilliant combination of colors.
CAD(Coffee Art Design) Cafe
Looks more like a bar than a cafe to me, that guy kinda reminds me of Mega Man.
Do you know the cookie man? The cookie man, the cookie man.
 The irresistible cookie aroma is comparable with Famous Amos'!  
Tribal paintings
 Ahh I've seen this several times on Ryan Sylvia's videos!
Don't be afraid, come take my hand
Unleashing the romantic side of me, and we have come to the end of this happy street.
I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will live as one
If you've watched the music video till the end, the look John gave Yoko
asking for a peck was the sweetest thing ever! Okay that's random.
Ending this post with his wise words, my favorite line from the song 'Imagine'.


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