Caffeine Chemistry Coffee Chime Heritage

The tagline goes 'Let's have chemistry over a cup of coffee.'
Or something like that.
A peek at the food menu and colorful drinks menu on the wall, price is all nett.
They serve cakes too!
Portafilter door handle and sense of humor instantly made my day.
I'm easily entertained, aren't I?

I like the pretty al fresco area, but it would be crazy to 'chill' here in the afternoon.
 Paid at the counter, given this cute wooden conical flask and took a seat upstairs.
The serve their iced drinks in conical flask by the way!
Caffe Latte(single shot) [RM7.50]
Different focuses, it was smooth and milky.
I think this is the cheapest latte I could find in town!
The one at Mc Cafe doesn't count.
 Pesto Chicken Sandwich [RM12]
Crunchy, soft and lightly toasted ciabatta with pesto chicken,
slice of cheese and tomatoes serves with coleslaw and garden salad. 
Four salad dressings to choose from:
Caesar, sesame, oriental and thousand island.
I picked oriental dressing, tangy and appetizing.
It's normally served with mashed potato instead of garden salad
but they ran out that day, and I heard it's good. Mew.
Egg Mayo Sandwich [RM10]
Mel's choice, she comes here for their sandwiches and coffee more than once a week.
This woman is cray cray!
The portion considered big, good and pretty cheap.
You can get a satisfying meal including a cup of joe under RM20!
Nice little corner by the window right beside the entrance,
best for people watching and day-dreaming.
Caffeine Chemistry Coffee Chime Heritage
Opening hours
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9am - 10pm
Wednesday 9am - 6pm
Friday to Sunday 9am - 12am
04 - 226 6518
No 13, Chime Heritage, Jalan Bawasah, 10050 Penang

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