67 Coffee Mansion Jalan Irving

Notice: 67 Coffee Mansion is closed
 Opened for less than a month, this quaint cafe is located at Irving Road(near Kek Chuan Road).
Love this corner where you can soak in all the sunlight, best for food photos too.
 I never had this problem, it's forever coffee for me. Guess my life is much easier then.
 Al freso area, which is not encouraged during the day in our tropical heat.
Cute murals of this kungfu guy serving a cuppa coffee to the fair lady.
Spotted something cute in the cake chiller.
 A peek at their food menu, the price is pretty cheap.
And no service nor government tax is charged!
 Drinks menu; They serve Puro Coffee and Fairtrade Tea here.
First in Penang, Puro is a leading brand of Fairtrade and Fair Trade Organic coffee
with the motto of 'Saving the Rainforest'.
Fair Trade skips the middle person and purchases coffee beans directly from the farmers, 
to ensure and guarantee farmers receive a fair price,
so that they won't be chopping down more trees for lands.
It also allows farmers to invest in techniques that bring out the flavors of the region.
So keep in mind that while you're sipping your coffee here,
you're helping the farmers as well as saving the environment.
Thanks to the passionate girl at the cafe who patiently explained this to me.
Single Espresso [RM5]
Comes with a cookie in packet.
Double Shot Latte [RM11]
Just the way I like my coffee. The acidity is just right, not too milky.
I have found my new favorite place for latte.
Bumped into a lady who claimed to be a die-hard coffee lover at an event the other night.
She got really excited, telling me that this place serves really good coffee,
 before I could even say anything haha
Coming from a die-hard coffee lover, I guess my good comment is trustworthy.
Chicken Salad [RM10.90]
Not on the menu, a small bowl of fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onions, carrots and cucumbers.
Layering textures drizzled with homemade dressing(mustard,
mayo and olive oil) topped with slices of sesame chicken.

Mushy Piggy [RM11.90]
Their very own rendition of eggs benedict -
Poached egg, sauteed mushrooms, bacon bits on poppy seed bread, topped with
thick hollandaise sauce and sprinkled with baked cheddar.
Sided with fresh greens with homemade orange dressing.
Love the burnt, crunchy edge! My mom would nag me if she knew I didn't peel that part off.
 The portion is rather small but it's good enough for me.
Once again, I'm a small eater. I really am.

Rosemary Chicken with Red Sauce[RM19.90]
The chicken skin sure was crunchy but slightly oily, rosemary fragrance was quite indistinctive
but overall not bad. Thumbs up to the mashed potatoes sleeping under the chicken!
Earthquake [RM9.90]
The walnut cake was heated up, topped with vanilla ice-cream,
drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with rock salt and homemade walnut
crystallized caramel. You get hot and cold, sweet and salty,
soft and hard, everything at once. Quite an innovative and interesting one,
it's so addictive that I finished in less than a minute!
 Complimentary mocktail from the chef, it's refreshing with dragonfruit, orange, apple and mint leaves.
67 Coffee Mansion
Opening hours
Tuesday - Thursday, Sunday
10am - 12am
Friday - Saturday
11am - 1am
04-226 4463
67, Jalan Irving, 10400 Penang


  1. LOL~ same with my mum. She always nagging about those burnt food can cause cancer.. haha !

    1. Yea I hate eating BBQ with her, cause I would always choose the slightly burnt ones :/

  2. Hi is the cafe closed???? I called the number 04-2264463 dozen times but no body answered , check with directory say its not registered , so any updates ar ?????

    1. Hi Christine, I think they're still operating. Try calling 019-4437104 or 017-2308899 if they're still not picking up the number you called.


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