Mish Mash Muntri Street

It was one of the very rare times I stepped into a bar.
Heard so much about this place, especially how friendly the people are,
and yes the catchy name! So there's no excuse to not pay them a visit.
Oh if you're wondering what's with the letter 'E', click here

And it was all yellow.
Warm lighting with cozy ambiance that makes me instantly fell in love.
Amazed by the liquors on display, it's like I have stepped into
 an alcoholic wonderland. I feel tipsy already.

If you're anti-social / don't feel like talking / need some privacy,
there's this room at the back. There's always something for everyone. 
Cute hanging laboratory flask lights.
Miss those times in high school where we got to play with those flasks
without having a clue of what I was doing and hope I wasn't mixing anything
that would explode in my face.
This gorgeous green fairy fountain!
It's like Tinkle Bell trapped in Captain Hook's lantern.
Stretch of koi fish paintings with Japanese scribbles as you walk to the back.
Oh hi Glen!
We sat at the bar cause Kevin likes picking brain to talk.
If you didn't know yet, I order coffee everywhere I go, even at bars.
Of course I would get the what-is-your-problem glare from my friends,
but coffee seduces me and that works every single time!
Anyway, I stared at the insane range of liquors they've got to offer,
which.... looks like rocket science to me.
They serve coffee here(and I heard it's good!) so I had a hard time resisting while
trying to make up my mind what to order. My facial expression must be crazy complicated.
 The friendly bartender, Jonathan approached me asked what do I like.
Without even thinking, I answered 'coffee', followed with my long stupid giggle.
To my surprise, they have a coffee-based cocktail!
*champagne shower and throw confetti"
Espresso Cubano [RM25]
A shot of espresso, Illy coffee liquor and sugar syrup.
You'll have to sniff harder for the hint of cinnamon and orange.
It tasted exactly like iced sweeten espresso!
So whee finally, I didn't order coffee!
Mission of proving not a prude/loser/mastering my mind accomplished!
Negroni [RM25]
Mix of sweet vermouth, Campari and gin.
Not mine obviously, had a sip, and shoved it away. *still a loser*
On-going promotion: two selected cocktails at RM32nett every Tuesday and Thursday!
Mish Mash Ginger Soda [RM12]
Tried this on our second visit.
Highly recommended by dee, their signature ginger soda
is brewed from local ginger, Indonesian spices, vanilla pods and honey.
Not the canned ones you get from Tesco okay?
Love the pungent aroma and spiciness, it's pure heaven to me.
Supernova [RM12]
Mix of roselle hibiscus sugar, white peach puree, apple juice and thyme
 topped with pineapple flower. Refreshing with aromatic minty thyme twist.
They've got some good homemade bites too.
We tried their beef lasagna, it was orgasmic, especially the sauce.
No picture as my shot was horrible.
Dee tried the Fisherman's Basket, it's soooo good she said.
A peek at their food menu.
I put a flower in your hair.
 Sorry my camera was tipsy.
Pineapple flower / Orange Candy
Some sweet treats from Glen.
Soft, dehydrated pineapple slice infused with calamansi and
orange infused with English breakfast tea.
As the area can be pretty dangerous at night, they hired rela to walk you to your car.
So sweet of them!
With good food, crazy selection of liquors, reasonable price and friendly staff,
this place, hands down, best hangout place in Penang!
Mish Mash 
Opening hours
 Tuesday to Sunday 2pm - 12am
017-536 5128
24 Muntri Street 10200 Penang


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