Huey&Wah Cafe

A humble beginning by, obviously, two persons named Huey and Wah.
They have relocated to this spacious two-storey place in Bellisa Row two months back.
Window seat is forever my favorite spot.

If you didn't know, their cafe used to be at Straits Quay and didn't serve much food back then.
They were focusing on their gourmet marshmallows, ranged from RM11.90-RM18.90.
I used to always walk by their cafe but didn't step in as I'm not a fan of marshmallow.
But gazillion yes to toasted marshmallow!

A mini secret that not many people know of:
I love burning stuff
I sound like a creep now whee!
 Uplifting messages scattered all over the place.
 And so is humor. Eh.

The stools here have their very own profession, and probably have more life purpose than I do.
 Bottled juices and these yummy lookin' smores cupcakes!
I screamed in my heart when I saw this, they have Fatbaby ice-cream!
It's a very popular brand from KL.

After ordering and paying, we decided to sit upstairs instead as first floor was quite crowded.
Here you will find cute and quirky knick-knacks made by local artists.
Beanbags are available to crash on and they have board games too.
Love their songs selection, 'I miss you' by Blink 182 if you'd ask me to name one.
Hot Cocoa [RM10]
Comes with two marshmallow cubes of your choice, Ying Hsi chose rose flavor.
Cappuccino [RM11]
Originally priced at RM10, I added a cube of rose flavored marshmallow. RM1 per cube.
It's on the bitter side, but the sweet aromatic marshmallow evens it out.
Organic Greentea & Peach / Passionfruit by Australian Fruit Tea Company [RM6 each]
 Cinnamon Tortilla Chips [RM15]
I was resisting this at first cause it looked so bland.
Surprisingly, this light snack is quite addictive!
I think it's the sweet cinnamon sugar, and the yogurt dip with passion fruit and mango jam
goes really well with the chips! I have found a healthy tidbits, bye Pringles!
Chicken Salad [RM12]
Lettuce, celery, chicken strips, almonds and raisins with yogurt and passion fruit dressing.
Healthy sia, this is definitely not a place for fast food lovers.
Sambal Chicken and Egg [RM16]
Just a hint of sambal, the panini bread was well toasted.
You can choose between wholegrain wrap or add RM1 for grilled cheese sandwich.
Price shown above is after addition.
Pesto Chicken [RM17]
I dissected the sandwich just for you guys! Okay maybe it's unnecessary.
Love the pesto but it'll be perfect with more basil kick.
Both sided with this rather delectable salad of
lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, roasted cherry tomatoes with nuts and passion fruit dressing.
The dressing is too sour for me to handle, but my colleagues love it tho.
Now, adventure dessert time!
 Marshmallow Cheesecake [RM13]
A cute and unique way to present a cheesecake, not sure if we're supposed eat with the stick.
Slightly too sweet to my liking, but the crunchy crumbs are good!
They're coming out with seasonal flavors such as green tea lemon, try your luck!
Yellow Submarine [RM10]
Lemon passion fruit marshmallow cake.
Light, tangy and sweet(and boink boink!) in between, I like this one.
Coconut Candy / Coffee Crunch [RM10 each]
 Coconut Candy is too sweet for me, I prefer the latter.
Very strong coffee taste and slightly bitter, with some crunchy crunch.
They make their own popsicles(with marshmallows!) and they look really good!
I didn't get to try tho, cause... How much can I eat?
*look at my poor, flat wallet*

Overall, I find the food here healthy yet scrummy and the price is very affordable.
Will definitely come back again! *checks wallet again*
Huey&Wah Cafe
Opening hours
Monday to Thursday, Sunday 
8:30am - 11pm
Friday to Saturday
8:30am - 12am
04-228 3962
368-1-14, Bellisa Row, Jalan Burma, 10350 Penang
(same row with Coffee Bean)


  1. The outlet at Straits Quay is no longer operating? :-)

  2. Oh wow you took really nice photos of our new place! Thanks so much for dropping by! We'll see you again soon, aye? :D

    1. Thanks Huey! Yes of course I will :) For the popsicles, Fatbaby apple crumble and salted caramel flavors!

    2. Eeek you'll need to wait a bit for Fatbaby though. We've had some issues with the courier service and is currently working with the good people at Fatbaby and another company to sort out the logistic part. Will share once things are sorted out! :)

    3. Yup I heard that from Jeslyn, do share on fb once you guys got the stock :D


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