CaLeFe Hauz Gastro Cafe, Prangin Terrace

Just opened for a month, with the catchy name, the popularity of this cafe is pretty amazing.
To love or to loath the reflection, that's the question.
If you don't understand Cantonese, the name of this place might just seemed ridiculous to you.
CaLeFe means minor role, whether in movies, series, dramas or even life.
CaLeFe is the one not being noticed(at first), a person who is working his/her way up.
Everybody started by being a CaLeFe.
Unless you're Emma Watson, that's a different story.
This cafe is their humble beginning, so don't expect perfect everything from them, yet.

Vintage and antique elements everywhere, they play old Chinese songs here.
 The tables were revamped from antique sewing machine, the counter is decorated using
 the mugs our grannies are still using, those we call kong kong!
Oh and they serve all day brekkie, sleepyheads say yay!
Latte [RM9]
I actually ordered this without even checking what they offer,
 regretted a bit as they have pretty interesting drinks menu.
I should reeaallly quit my habit of ordering coffee everywhere I go.
Diluted, the milk was not well steamed.
The barista was embarrassed when he saw me taking pictures of the coffee
and told us that they're not very skilled at making coffee yet. I like their honesty.
The Big One [RM14]
Was expecting a huge portion but it turned out to be the opposite, which is enough to fill my tummy.
Scrambled egg, pork sausage, pork bacon, hash brown, sauteed, roast tomato and toast.
The scrambled egg was way too milky for me to handle, the rest was great. 
They spread olive oil instead of butter on the baguette, unique and nice.
Pork Bacon Carbonara [RM18]
Creamy but not cloying, nothing much to shout about though.
On the first floor; Spacious dining place, walls decorated using Vinyl records,
 it spells CaLeFe on the right.
 They have live band playing at night.
Soaps from Story Handmade Soap Farm and they occasionally
 organize soap making workshop. The upcoming one will be on 7th June.
For further information, kindly call 012-4028538

CaLeFe Hauz Gastro Cafe
Opening hours
Tuesday to Friday: 12pm - 10pm
Saturday to Sunday: 11am - 10pm
Closed on Monday
51, Gat Jalan Prangin, 10300 Penang


  1. The table is an actual sewing machine? :-)

  2. The big one was too small portion to feed me :( I really got horrible appetite !!!

    1. Yea their portion isn't big, but it's enough to feed me hehe. Horrible appetite but still so small size, teach me master! D:

  3. last pic!!!! hahahaha it looks like a blackie pig walking on the road!!

    1. Yahor!!! Wuah you have some very geng imagination! :D


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