Via Pre - Tavern on The Harbour, Weld Quay

Although they have existed for 2 years now, I am ashamed to say that it was my first time here.
Heard so much about this place. All good things all good things(derived from Olaf)!
They told me this is like, the best Italian restaurant in Penang.
Spacious, classy, warm lighting and high ceiling.The ambiance that sets the mood right.
All food are made from scratch, their breads are freshly made everyday.
 It was my early birthday celebration, so I deserve to be narcissistic for a bit. Or maybe a lot.
Look at how inconsistent my editing is. Different saturation, brightness and temperature in each photo lol
 Anyway, back to the food.
'Hmm, let's see. Can I get one of your pretty lamps please?
Oh and erm, medium-well please.'
They have a pretty extensive menu from anti-pasti to cured&aged, pizza, pasta and main course.
We're the pasta monsters so, pastas per favore!

Quality fresh bake with balsamic vinegar and olive oil was served to kick-start our meal.

Insalatona [RM21]
Mix salad, rocket salad, grilled vegetables, half dry /dry/ fresh tomatoes,
asparagus, pickles and olives with balsamic dressing. Very interesting and flavorful.

Quattro Stagioni Buona [RM32]
Oh right we ordered pizza, so I guess we're not pasta monsters after all.
Grilled artichokes, french ham, mushroom and olives on thin crust.
Personally think there's not much flavor to this but overall palatable.
 Fusilli Italiana [RM23]
Cooked with pesto, tomato and cream.
Light and creamy, love the fragrance that elevated from the pesto and slight sourness from the tomato.
Spaghetti Aglio E Olio [RM18]
The classic, but the hardest to master.
They've got the right amount of everything(fried garlic, dried chili and olive oil).
This is one good olio!
 Spaghetti Alla Carbonara [RM23]
Cooked with eggs, pecorino cheese and crispy bacon.
The creaminess wasn't cloying, so it's good for us.
 Latte [RM9]
Okay you might think I'm crazy(although I am) for ordering latte instead of wine but trust me,
 their latte is one of the best in Penang!
A random picture of me looking serious that (finally) isn't fugly.
 Thought I could finally try their famous tiramisu but the girls surprised me with a birthday cake!
Next time tiramisu, next time..
 My birthday wish for this year is to not bash into stuff as often I do, it wasn't fulfilled though.
Thank you girls for the wonderful night *smooches*

Via Pre - Tavern on The Harbour
Opens daily 10am - 10:30pm
5, Weld Quay, 10300 Penang


  1. lol . i never went to here before actually . but i saw people posting at instagram ( drinking wine ) . lol lau nua everytime when u post those food photo. tempting , especially watching those post at night time lol

    1. go try their pasta! best in Penang! Aiya next time don't read at night lo hahaha


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