Coffee Affairs Bishop Street

 That look, is the look when you're falling head over heels for someone.
Said the love guru who is forever alone.
Located at Bishop Street, where looking for a parking spot can be a pain in the ass.
The place is spacious and cozy, the colorful wall made of wood is mood-lifting. 
Highlight of the cafe: Patrick Star, a pretty huge one sitting at the entrance welcoming everyone.
He's everywhere.
They serve a variety of coffee and quite limited cakes and pastries.
 Affairs Nutella Latte [RM13.90]
Slightly diluted, I didn't taste a hint of Nutella at all while drinking this.
Important note to remember:
 Stir well before consuming, as the chocolate spread doesn't blend
with the coffee but stick all over the cup instead.
I only found that out after finishing the whole thing. Genius like me is hard to come by.
Iced Affairs Rose Latte [RM12.90]
Taste of rose is not enough, maybe some dried rose petals could help?
A mix of normal ice cubes and espresso ice cubes that look like coffee beans.
 Green Tea Pancake [RM15.90]
Sad to say, the pancakes are hard and dry.
Green tea ice-cream with bananas? Personally think it's a weird combination.
Tempted to order the Espresso Bread Pudding(not sure if it's nice though),
but we were both worried to get insomnia, as we already had doses ofcofee before this.
Instead of affairs with coffee, it's more like affairs with this pinky.
Coffee Affairs Bishop Street
Facebook page
Opens daily 11am - 12am
21, Lebuh Bishop, 10200 Penang


  1. Haha, looks like Patrick Star is the star of this cafe. :-)

  2. Haha yea maybe they should rename their cafe!