Artisan Roast Coffee TTDI

Was on my annual KL cafe-hopping trip(yup, making it an annual thing now),
this cafe has been on my list since forever and I swore to God that I can't miss it this time.
Minimal decorations, warm lighting with paintings on the wall, this place sure is cozy.
 Oh and they make their own tables and chairs!
I was allowed in the work station for these close-up shots, how I miss being a barista!
Here they use Mirage Triplette espresso machine by Kees van der Westen.
It was my first time seeing this bottomless/naked portafilter, I tried my very best to
 hold back my drool while shooting the delicious flowing espresso.
They have trained many successful baristas and won
 the Best Place for Coffee in Time Out KL Food Awards 2012.
Nuff introduction, now let's dive in the coffee!
Their coffee is more on the acidic side, slightly sour but acceptable.
Love the Flat White(RM10) and Latte(RM10), smooth creamy froth that doesn't mask the espresso.
It's the kind that gets you hooked and keep coming back for more.
They serve traditional Macchiato(RM7) here, one shot of espresso and one dollop of foam
 in a very cute Chinese teacup instead of the 3 layers latte macchiato.
It's hot outside, let's get an iced cold beer!
The hipster at the back seemed to agree.
Nah kidding, they don't serve beer here.
This very interesting drink that looks like Guinness Stout is Nitrokopi(RM12).
Made of brew coffee with nitrogen gas added in, it's kinda like rootbeer, minus the sugar of course.
Nice and innovative, highly recommended to the adventurers.
Refreshing Iced Fresh Red(RM10) made of rooibos tea.
Cheesecake(RM10), their best selling cake. Layers of cheese, chocolate and digestive biscuits.
Light and not greasy, I like my cheesecake this way.
All cakes are made in their kitchen at the back by the way!

They also serve breakfast until 3pm everyday.
Another reason that makes this place memorable is their fun and friendly baristas.
They can be all chatty and crack hilarious jokes when they're talking to you,
But when they're concentrating, nothing, not even Scarlett Johansson can distract them
from perfecting a cup of handcrafted coffee.
If you're looking for no fancy gimmick, just really warm customer service and great coffee,
you're at the right place.
Special thanks to Sani for hosting and his patience for answering all my questions,
 even though some of them might be ridiculous. And we looked like two awkward penguins.
Artisan Roast TTDI
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday - 8am - 12am
Saturday - Sunday, Holidays - 9am - 12am
4, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, 60000 KL, Selangor
(Same row with The Pier, Tom, Dick and Harrys and Deautsches Gasthaus)


  1. I love their coffee, one of the best I have tasted so far. And the cheesecake is simply divine. Now I am due for another visit..hmmm.... :)

    1. Yup! If I were to stay in KL, I think I would drop by at least once a week hehe. Thanks for dropping by! :)

  2. There are may flavor of coffee bean. I wanna taste the every flavor. Personally I love to drink crunchy flavor of coffee bean.


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