Sweet Hut Precinct 10

Homonym of “Sweet Heart”, anybody could easily tell that Sweet Hut is a place for sweet tooth.
With wide array of desserts from all over the world that includes
Italy, France, Spain, Hong Kong, Malaysia and so on,
be ready to get sugar overdosed here, in a good way of course.
Dee caught this while I was checking out the menu with Serene, my hopelessly tamjiak face.
I decided to change 3 Doors Down's song lyric a bit

'This is the story of a girl
Who drooled a river and drowned the whole world
And while she looked so glu(gluttony) in photographs 
I absolutely love her, when she smiles'

Okay that's random, now let's dig in before the drool apocalypse strikes.
Fresh Mango Sago Pomelo Soup with Mango Ice-Cream [RM8.90]
Wonderful combination of sweet from the fresh mango,
bitter from the pomelo and creamy ice-cream.
Most of all, it's not overly sweet.
Fresh Milk Oreo Snow Ice with Caramel Pudding [RM11.90]
Personally find this too milky to my liking but thumbs up to the thick and creamy caramel pudding.
Blueberry Mille Crepe Cake [RM12.50]
Slightly too dry, they might wanna consider being more generous on the cream between crepes.
Overall it's palatable.Durian Pancake [RM9]
Good balance of durian flesh and cream, a must-try for durian lovers.
The durian fragrance that oozes immediately when the pancake was cut into half
brought us to seventh heaven. This is definitely the bomb!
Steam Aloe Vera and Egg White Papaya (hot/cold) [RM12.80]
Opt for this if you're looking for something healthy.
Soft aloe vera and egg white resting in papaya boat, a light and refreshing one.
Although it's a nice presentation, the papaya was slightly too hard for us to cut and scoop.
 Baked Marquis Chocolate Pudding with Cookies Ice-Cream [RM12.80]
It's dark chocolate, me love!
 We were expecting the chocolate to flow out like custard bun
 while cutting the pudding but it didn't as it's gooey.
 Gooey is fine for me, as long as it's dark chocolate(anything for dark chocolate!).
 If you don't like bitter, eat it together with the ice-cream. That shall make it up to you.
Seafood Platter with assorted fish balls and popiah
Besides desserts, they do serve savory yums too.
Mini Spanish Egg Tarts [RM6.50/5pcs]
If you have tried the egg tarts at KFC Hatyai,
you would totally understand how addictive and irresistible they are.
And *drumrolls*, I have finally found eggs tart that's comparable to those!
The crust is thin and the egg filling is soft and smooth, certainly a delectable one.

Special thanks to Sweet Hut and Threesixty for extending the invitation.
Sweet Hut Precinct 10
Opening hours:
Sunday to Thursday 1pm - 12am
Friday to Saturday 1pm - 1am
Contact number: 04-8909969
10-C-23, Precinct 10, Jalan Tanjung Tokong,
 Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Penang


  1. nice ar ? i forget what i ate last time, last time i order one bo ho chiak one ~ so i never went there again d XD

    1. the durian pancake bagus giler! Overall okay ahh but not the crepe cake lo. Heard KL branch is better but never tried :)


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