Rasa Sayang Spice Market Cafe Buffet 6in1 + P60 Promotion

Always exciting, Rasa Sayang Spice Market has came out with
a new buffet theme and promotion named 6IN1 + P60.
6IN1 indicates savoring 6 special signature of different cultures at once,
 including Chinese, Malay, Indian, Western, Japanese and desserts.
While P60 means you only pay 60% of the actual price, which is 40% discount!

No matter how many times I have been here, they never failed to amaze me
 with their wide array of food with fantastic presentation.
And never have I tried each and every food they've got to offer, mew.
To avoid getting panic attack or bloated before you are supposed to be,
 here are some not-to-miss delicacies.
I suggest you to play 'Food, Glorious Food' as you read, cause I am right now.
Cold entree to warm up your gear. Wait, isn't that contradictory?
The selection for entree alone is pretty crazy.
A variety of salad and fresh cold cuts, especially love the potato salad.
Who moved my cheese?!
Oh here you are, so glad that they refilled!
Of all the pretty(and cheesy) cheeses, this is the most interesting one.
Unlike ordinary cheese, this one tastes creamy and smooth.
What's even better? It doesn't stink at all!
Freshness-guaranteed seafood; The mussels sure are huge and juicy!
Selection of sauce includes Chili Spice Aioli, Horseradish Cream, Peanut Wasabi, Orange Jalapeno and etc.
Spanish was served that week at the Western station;
Light bites: Vegetarian quesadilas; Tacos, choose from beef,
 chicken and vegetarian, pretty thoughtful ey?
Spicy Cumin Prawn in Tomato Basil; Snapper Picatta

Baked Chicken Breast with Cheese & Olive; Meatballs in Almond Sauce
Although they are on the heavy side, but the taste sure is pleasing and flavorful.
Hell yes to more meatballs!

Chicken Roulade; Roasted Lamb
Mouth-watering and succulent, they got creative by stuffing apricots in between the lamb.
Creating a tad sweet in savory, making the experience(especially when I'm not a fan of lamb) memorable.
Besides the fresh-cut sashimi, there are a range of sushi added to the Japanese station.
Volcano Maki is an impressive one with layering flavors.

Side dishes; Go for the Kimpira Mushroom!
For Malay they were serving Kelantanese.
 Udang Percik Kelantan; Daging Hitam Manis
Herbal Silkie(Black Chicken) Soup 
I actually brought this over to the table when everyone was done with the desserts.
Nobody showed interest, until I opened the lid and the tempting fragrance flew their way.
If you didn't know, this soup offers various health benefits as it contains
high antioxidants and dietary fiber and most of all, it's good for skin!
This treasure is hidden at the noodle kitchen, don't be shy to ask for it.
Of course, how could one resist their chocolate fountain? It's like a famous attraction here.
Freshly made crepe! A variety of fillings, toppings and ice-creams to choose from.
Remember to use your creativity here. If you don't have any, you can always ask for recommendation.
The ever-changing, innovative, oh-so-pretty and oh-so-yummy dessert paradise!
These are only a part of them! Do try their Blackforest Cake and Chocolate Tart.
I was surprised that their macarons aren't crazily sweet, thumbs-up for that!

This International Buffet is available on Sunday to Thursday
RM128++(Adult) and RM64++(Child).
You only pay 60% of the actual price on Monday to Tuesday.
Do note that this offer is not applicable on eve of public holidays and public holidays.
Good news is that they change theme every 2 weeks,
 a great reason to come every 2 weeks!
Seafood Theme Buffet is available on Friday and Saturday
RM148++(Adult) and RM74++(Child)
So why hesitate? Put on your buffet shirt like I did and eat all you can!
Credit to Jazz for this BTS vain tamjiak face.

Rasa Sayang Spice Market Cafe
Opening hours
6:30am - 11pm
Buffet available from 6:30pm - 10:30pm
Contact number: 04-888 8888
Batu Ferringhi Beach 11100 Penang


  1. eh...eh...eh....public my creation wanna charge RM250 eh lo...u may pay me in cash or cheque..

    1. Okay okay I give you credit liao don't charge me la! Nice things are meant to be shared :B

  2. No...no....no, i cannot accept, at least must treat a cup of latte....haha~~

  3. so nice. ho liao lo . saw tiok also lau nua d . so what is the actual price u pay after 60% discount and include 16% tax ?

    1. Yea always don't know where to start first. After all that RM89.10, only available on Mon&Tue ya. So free dropped by my blog and left comment ahh? :D

  4. haha . coz i was finding cafe in penang to go and eat. than refresh fb time , saw yr post rasa sayang eh. than just realize can find " place to eat " inside yr blog !

    1. Ohhhh, I got more to share but sadly no time :( You're back in Penang for good? :)

  5. haha end of last year back to penang d lo. share more food and blog it if got time ! will come and see liao go try haha

    1. Sorry la didn't notice haha. Sure I will! Just blogged about Brown Pocket by the way :D

  6. NIce review! So yummylicious :)

    1. Thankiew! Nice meeting you the other day :)

    2. Nice to meet you too. Looking forward for your review :)


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