Noor & Dean's Kafe - Espresso Bar & Asian Fusion, Noordin Street House 双裕楼

Noordin Street, or Lebuh Noordin, is the second road south of the Prangin Canal.
Normally known as Ji Tiau Lor(second road) by the Penangites. 
Tucked in the heart of Georgetown, Noordin Street House
is one of the top classic-luxury hotels in the city.
Inspired by the 1950's, this place offers a beautiful and unique
 classy-antique ambiance with quiet elegance and refined taste.
They've got 5(soon to be 8) gorgeous and affordable suites on the second floor,
a cafe on the ground floor that features excellent authentic cuisines from local to western.

Now brace yourself for a sea of awesome moesome food!
But first, let me take a selfie get have a sip of these thirst quenchers. 
Cool Mint & Lime Fitz [RM12]
Fresh muddles lime and mint over crushed iced topped with soda.
Teoh's Punch [RM12]
Mix of apple, pineapple, cranberry and orange juice topped with soda.
Noor Meets Dean's [RM12]
Cranberry, pineapple, orange and lemon juice mixed with ginger ale and grenadine. 
Noor&Dean's Platter [RM28]
A platter of fried goodness - Spring rolls, bread pakora, cucur udang and finger-lickin' good chicken wings.
Grilled Chicken Arrosto [RM22]
Grilled chicken seasoned with rosemary and topped with brown sauce, a very delectable one.
Served with boiled carrot slices and broccoli with smooth mashed potato underneath.
Cucur Udang [RM10]
Asian style prawn fritters, beancurd and sliced cucumber served with sweet and spicy peanut sauce.
Panini-Mutton Varuval [RM16]
Panini bread stuffed with lip-smacking southern Indian style spiced dry mutton.
Sided with chips and mix salad. 
Batter Mix Garupa Fish & Chips [RM26]
Deep fried garupa fish with dip devil served with mix salad and chips.
Nice but nothing much to shout about.
Nasi Goreng Jalan Dua [RM18]
It's funny and creative as they named their fried rice after Ji Tiau Lor(second road).
Served with chicken satay, prawn crackers, fried egg and sambal anchovies.
Claypot Nasi Lemak with Ayam Rendang [RM18]
Spiced rice with coconut milk and traditional Malay dry chicken rendang,
ikan bilis sambal and nasi lemak condiments.
Gado-gado [RM18]
Steamed mixed local vegetables with prawn fritters, boiled egg and peanut sauce.
What a colorful and healthy platter!
Char Koay Teow [RM16]
If you didn't savor a good plate of char koay teow when you visit Penang,
it's as if you have never been to Penang.
Nevertheless, pretty sure you have never tried any char koay teow like this.
It's cooked with fresh squids and huge prawns!
Shish Kebab & Pasta [RM26]
The star of the cafe, tandoori chicken with grilled vege skewer and
 al-dente spaghetti olio cooked with capsicum and broccoli.
As the tandoori chicken is not entirely cooked(medium-rare in the middle), resulting an extra tenderness to it.
Love every bit of it, the pasta was good too. My favorite dish of the day!
Chicken Curry Kapitan [RM16]
Chicken in spiced gravy with coconut milk.
Joo Hoo Char [RM10]
Stir-fry shredded vegetables with dry cuttlefish.
Lamb Varuval [RM18]
Southern Indian(Chettinad) style spiced dry mutton, this was stuffed in the panini on top.
The fragrance of the spice is simply pleasing.
Raita [RM5]
Indian styled salad with yoghurt.
Sizzling Almond Cakes [RM12]
Swiss almond cake with vanilla ice-cream on sizzling plate,
 it looks like it was a treasure sent from heaven, doesn't it?
Thought it would be stone hard(since it's sizzling on a sizzling hot plate),
it turned out to be soft and chocolatey.
Sago Gula Melaka [RM6]
Boiled sago served with gula melaka  and coconut syrup, a popular Malaysian delight.
Banana Fritters [RM8]
Crunchy deep fried sweet banana drizzled with chocolate sauce and sided with vanilla ice-cream.
Dessert is normally the end of a meal, but here we end with good cuppa coffee!
Mezzo Mezzo [RM9(Hot) | RM11(Cold)] 
Hot shot of espresso and chocolate with milk.
Cafe Machiatto [RM8(Hot) | RM10(Cold)] 
Layers of milk, espresso and foam.
Milano Mocha [RM14]
Divine mocha sensation, blended with finest espresso and chocolate.
Iced Vienna Coffee [RM14]
Blended double shots of espresso in crushed iced topped with whipped cream and coffee beans.
Slightly sweet, but it's yummy and addictive!
We caught a glimpse of the breathtaking roof top bar, plain serenity.
Noor & Dean's Cafe - Espresso Bar & Asian Fusion
Opens daily 8am - 11pm
Contact number: 04-2627173
71&73, Lebuh Noordin, 10300 Georgetown Penang

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  1. guan lai u also going....BOJIO!!!

    1. They invited you and you boh ki now you say i boh jio?? D:

  2. I visited the café before. I like the food there and the environment there as well. The “ hidden place “ at the 2nd floor is stunning . I hope to join u guys for food hunt next time if possible since I am food finder kaki in penang also , haha ! oh, btw very nice photography skill, amazing skill u have !

    1. Surprised that people actually know this place, cause I didn't lol. Yup, the view is simply stunning! Haha we can do cafe-hopping one day! :) Awww you're too kind, thankiew :D

  3. ok sure no problem ! i shall msg u at fb ! haha . let go cafe-hopping !!


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