Ipoh 302 Chang Weng Heong Peah

Speaking of food paradise, Ipoh is definitely comparable with Penang.
Besides the famous salt-baked chicken and chicken biscuits(kai zai peng),
fragrant biscuit(heong peng) is one of the must-buy souvenirs.
Heong Peng/Heong Peah, flaky biscuits with sweet filling that's originated from Gunung Rapat.
We were lucky that we got the opportunity to peek into the making of the pastry at
 302 Chang Weng Heong Peah 江永香饼
If you have been to Gunung Rapat, you would noticed a lot of houses like this selling similar products.
To make it easier for people to remember, numbers are added before their shop's name.

Without further ado, let's see how these yummy pastries are made!
Just like how we used to play Play-Doh, put the fermented flour into the machine and
 they will come out like noodles. Besides fun, this process is to soften the dough.
Divide them into little balls, top with a different dough for crust, then roll and mix them together.
Fill sweet maltose and shallots filling into the pocket in the middle and wrap around.
Flatten the dough together with filling.
Malt water was quickly brushed on top for glazing and to prevent them from cracking.
 Garnished with sesame seeds and they're ready to be sent to the oven!
Tadaa! Crispy, flaky, yummy Heong Peah are ready to be eaten!
Selling at Rm6.50 per packet, they can last for a month.
 Unlike french fries(I LOVE french fries!), I hardly crave for pastry like this.
Brought a packet to work for my colleagues, I ended up finishing half a packet! 
So good and addictive, especially the sticky sweet but not cloying filling.

Apart from Heong Peah, they also make their own Tau Sar Pheah or some called Dragon Balls.
There are two different types, one is 豆沙饼 and another is 豆蓉饼
(I have no idea what is it called in English, enlighten me anybody?)
The filling of Tau Sar Pheah is savory while 豆蓉饼 is sweet.
Same process with Heong Pheah, soften the fermented flour, divide and mix two dough together.
Fill bean paste into dough, wrap around and roll them into balls, dragon balls.
Brush mixture of egg yolk and water for glazing.
For Tau Sar Pheah, garnish with sesame seeds.
While for 豆蓉饼,  garnish with pumpkin seeds.

Tau Sar Pheah [RM3.50/10 pieces]; 豆蓉饼 [RM4/10 pieces]
As there's no preservatives added, they can only last for 2 weeks.
Which is good enough, who needs 2 weeks to finish 10 pieces anyway?
I can totally finish like, right away. Burp.
And that's a wrap!
If you're visiting Ipoh, come get a packet or two of these addictive yums here!
302 Chang Weng Heong Peah 江永香饼
Opening hours:
Daily 8am - 6:30pm
Contact number: 010-3721847
302, Jalan Gunung Rapat, Gunung Rapat, 31350 Ipoh


  1. Hi Jen, looks so tasty. is it halal?

    1. Hi Rendra, thanks but unfortunately they're not halal :(


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