Brown Pocket Gurney Paragon

Spacious, clean, simple with artsy and contemporary design,
this place has been a popular hang-out place since the opening 6 months back.
Love the tree with hanging light bulbs, it's even more mesmerizing at night.
'Why Brown Pocket?' you might ask.
As they focus mainly on pancakes, waffles and coffee,
which are all in brown color, so there goes Brown.
 As for Pocket, well, it's just nice and catchy.
The Light Body Waffle [RM14.90]
They serve Liege waffle here, the most popular variety in Belgium.
As compared to other waffles, Liege waffle is normally denser, sweeter and chewier.
First time trying this, personally think it can be crunchier.
 Sided with really good tiramisu and wafer sticks. 
Mixed Berries Pancake [RM13.90]
A good balance of sweet from the ice-cream and sour from the berries.
Pancake is fluffy but not dense enough.
Grilled Banana Pancake [RM13.90]
Mushy mushy, that's the way you werk it!
Brilliant idea to grill the bananas so the fragrance comes out stronger.
Summer Matcha [RM15.90]
Sliced kiwis, grapes, matcha ice-cream and Azuki bean on shaved ice.
Great combination of soft and hard, sweet and sour.
Too bad the texture of the shaved ice was too coarse, or else it would be perfecto.
Mango Yoghurt Parfait [RM11.90]
This would make a great breakfast alternative, and it's healthy!
 A layer of yoghurt, a layer of muesli, another layer of yoghurt topped with diced mangoes.
Excellent layering. Muesli is crunchy, but mangoes were slightly too sour to my liking,
 especially when it's mixed with yoghurt, which is of course, sour.
Affogato [RM8.90]
Two shots of espresso, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and chocolate wafer stick.
It's a bitter-sweet love.
Oreo Ice Blended [RM13.90]
I find it slightly too creamy. Less milk and more oreo please!
Strawberry Smoothies [RM13.90]
Strawberry smoothies are normally overly sweet but theirs isn't, two thumbs-up!
Not-so-ordinary picks:
Chai Latte [RM10.90]
Chai means tea in Hindi. Similar to Masala tea,
Chai latte is made of cardamom, ginger and spices mixed together with steamed milk.
It has a very strong, flavorful and spicy taste which can be hard to accept to some people.
Fruity Power Sweet Berries [RM9.90]
Founded in Frankfurt, Germany in year 1823, Ronnefeldts is the top premium brand tea
 for first class hotels and gourmet restaurants throughout the world.
Infused with strawberry and raspberry flavors, I find it more enjoyable with sugar.
Cappucino [RM9.90]
Last but not least, my favorite, my love.
Nothing beats a good cup of hot cappucino with a good read under the tree.

Brown Pocket Gurney Paragon
Opens daily 10am - 11:30pm
Contact Number: 04-2189668
No.163D-6-11, Gurney Paragon Mall, Jalan Kelawei, 10250 Penang


  1. i wonder can u finish all the food that u order ? can u finish it by eating alone . haha

    1. Oh this is an invited review. I went with another 4 bloggers so yea, sure can finish :D

  2. oh no wonder la ! i thought u order those food haha

    1. When you see there's loads of food, means it's invited. If you see one coffee and one cake, confirm I go on my own LOL

  3. haha allright ! blog more about food thing . i man man go find those places to explore and eat


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