Lovecipes Vintage Cafe

Located at Rangoon Road, spot this restaurant on your right with a cute sign.
As I'm quite a carnivore, having vegetarian has never crossed my mind.
What I think about vegetarian - nothing fancy, tasteless and pretty sure I wouldn't like it.
So without any expectation, I stepped into this place without knowing that
 it would totally change my life perspective.
I gotta say I'm very impressed by their effort in decorating the place using recycled items!
Love the vintage touch, the hanging kettles, and this colorful corner, especially the wall made of papan!
Definitely a place for everyone. All races, even cow.
Very popular Chinese saying, can you guess it?
With the motto that goes Spread Love to The World, 
the food they serve are all organic without adding any MSG and preservatives.
is ready to make your tummy happy with good vegetarian food,
prepared with, of course, love.
Not to be missed:
A picture of me pretending to read a book. I think I just spoiled the momentum.
Anyway, to the food!
Revitalize Energy Meal(Bak Kut Teh) 招牌沙煲(肉骨茶) [RM12.90] 
Soup is boiled with 10 types of herbs including Polygonatum root(玉竹)
which is less heaty than those we normally have, 
together with button mushrooms, bean curd, black fungus and vegan balls.
Served with a bowl of millet rice(gluten-free, suitable for diabetic patients) and assorted raw vegetable.
Although there's no meat in this dish, the soup tastes exactly like ordinary bak kut teh
Tomyam [RM8.90]
Mild flavored tomyam soup with tomatoes, baby corns, tofu and cabbages.
Not as sour and spicy as the normal ones, I find this dish fulfilling as the flavor is there.
Served with a bowl of millet rice.

'Lor' Roll 香卤卷 [RM8]
Fillings made of jicama(bangkuang), mushrooms and water chestnut,
 the texture is very similar to lor bak! And thumbs up to their homemade chili sauce!
Mongolia Tofu 蒙古豆腐 [RM12.90]
Tofu are deep fried till golden brown with sweet homemade pumpkin sauce.
Love the sauce very much as it is unique and thick but not cloying at all.
Assam Curry Meal 阿参咖喱餐 [RM10.90]
Cooked with tomatoes, lady fingers, egg plants and fish sticks made of tofu.
Love the sourness from the assam and mild spiciness, very appetizing.
Served with a bowl of millet rice.
Bean curd with Chef Special Sauce 双味豆包 [RM8]
Deep fried bean curd drizzled with chef special sauce that's slightly spicy and
 sweetness of mayonnaise.So crunchy and satisfying.
Spaghetti Napolitana [RM12.90]
With broccoli, button mushroom and tomatoes, sprinkled with powdered peanut.
It would be better if there's more flavor and thickness to the sauce.
Kong Bao Lion's Mane Mushroom Meal 宫保猴头菇餐 [RM10.90]
Very flavorful pot consists of lion's mane mushroom, capsicum, button mushroom,
 cauliflower, carrot, green peas and baby corn. First time having lion's mane, love the texture.
From left:
 Detox(Apple, Carrot, Cucumber) [RM8.90]
ABC(Apple, Beetroot, Cucumber)[RM8.90]
Fresh Strawberry Soda [RM6.90]
Adam Siok [RM7.90]
Soul Circulation(Apple, Carrot, Lemon, Ginger) [RM10.90]
Cold pressed juices are all freshly blend without adding sugar and water.
Oreo Smoothies [RM7.90] ; Homemade Ginger Teh Tarik [RM4.90]
Love - It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.
Cleanse your body and eat healthy here. Not only that, with the love messages
 scribbled all over, this place brings serenity to your body, soul and mind.
Oh and tummy.

Lovecipes Vintage Cafe 爱心味
They provide catering service too!
Opening hours:
Daily except Monday
 11am - 3pm, 6 - 10pm
Contact number: 014-3069942
42 Rangoon Road 10400 Penang


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