Chocolate Passion Gurney Paragon

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.
But at Chocolate Passion, you know what exactly you're getting.
As it's all written on the tags. So the quote is invalid.
Run forest! RUN!

Put aside the lame opening, looking at the view just gives me a peace of mind.
I could totally imagine myself sitting here with my laptop blogging,
 immerse myself in slow music and ideas flying all over my head.
No distraction, only the sweet smell of chocolate.
Wait, isn't that distraction?

Using natural, fresh and only European chocolate ingredients,
Chocolate Passion brings not only the finest and exquisite chocolates,
 but also affectioninspiration and happiness.
All chocolate lovers are guaranteed to indulge in the best chocolate,
as well as loveattitude and passion.

Brace yourself!
There will be ants crawling all over your screen from all these chocolatey yums!
*Disclaimer: I didn't notice that my white balance was off, please bear with it
Chocolate Fondue [RM49.50]
Instead of dig in, we say dip in!
Served with Napoleon ice-cream, mini doughnut balls, pretzel cookies, 
homemade marshmallows, strawberries, sliced bananas and kiwis.
Love love love the not too sweet melted dark chocolate, complementing the sweet sides.
Dipping pretzel cookies is definitely something new, combination of savory and sweet.
 It'll be even better if the ice-cream comes in smaller cubes/balls to fit entire into the mouth.
Blissful Brownies [RM9.50]
Topped with vanilla ice-cream, the brownies is soft.
Would prefer it to be slightly harder for more texture pleasure.
Churros [RM14.50]
Sometimes referred to a Spanish doughnut, we can see this fried-dough pastry gaining popularity in Penang.
You can choose to dip with dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate.
My favorite would be white!
Soft and chewy, I think this makes a perfect side for chocolate fondue!
Chocolate Bomb [RM18.50]
Besides savoring a good dessert, this one comes with a little bit of fun!
Pour the hot melted chocolate all over, the chocolate ball would explode melt and
 tadaaa! The vanilla ice-cream beneath would show.
Creative and yummy, great combination of sweet&sour, soft&crunchy.
Can't get enough of the homemade crumble biscuit!
Pizza with tuna or salami? Boring. How about these sweet ones?
Passions Signature Pizza [RM14(half) / RM25(one)]
Topped with marshmallows, peanuts, almond chunks, sliced bananas,
 drizzled with caramel and chocolate sauce. Interesting but slightly too sweet for me
Brownie Chocolate Pizza [RM14(half) / RM25(one)]
A layer of chocolate jam topped with brownies, crumble biscuits, almond chunks and peanuts.
Bringing crunchiness to a whole new level, me likey!
Smoked Salmon [RM16.50]
Besides sweet stuff, they do serve sandwiches too!
The croissant is surprisingly crunchy, filled with fresh smoked salmon.
Coco-Misu [RM13.50]
Like affogato - a shot of espresso and vanilla ice-cream, this comes with tiramisu lady fingers.
Just like eating a tiramisu cake, but in a different way. Good combination of bitter-sweet.
Assorted Handmade Chocolate [Range from RM3.70 - RM3.90]
The core of Chocolate Passion, the humble beginning. They have more than 40 flavors now!
Exquisite and exotic, each and every of them offers a unique taste.
Great news to durian lovers - the green one is durian flavored!
Cappucino [RM9]
What goes best with chocolate? A cup of good, smooth coffee of course!

Smokie Hot Chocolate[RM16.50]
If you'd like to double-up the chocolatey kick, order a cup of this. It's smokkeyyy.
Spot the stirrer, it's also made of chocolate!
Prefer it without the whipped cream on top though, too creamy.
Or maybe I'm just old for this, don't mind me.
Rum&Raisins Smoothies [RM13.50]
Looks can be deceiving, we totally underestimated this.
 It looks really bland and uninteresting, but it's surprisingly light and only slightly sweetened.
Avocado Chocolate Ice Blended [RM13.50]
You might perceive avocados as a fatty fruit, but it has numerous health benefits to offer.
Creamy and well blended, the chocolate sauce in it is just a heavenly combination.
Chocolate is a great idea as a gift, especially on Valentine's Day.
Or everyday, cause everyday is Valentine's Day to me.
Surprise your loved ones with a box of hearty handmade chocolate, it'll totally make their day!
Huge thanks to Chocolate Passion for the sweet treat!
Chocolate Passion Gurney Paragon
Opening hours
Daily 10am - 10:30pm
Contact number: 04-2189215
L6-01, Gurney Paragon Mall, Jalan Kelawei, 10250 Pulau Tikus Penang


  1. it quite nice and nice environment to chill too. but i prefer the churos from alley !

    1. Very cozy :) Yer I tried the other day got 臭油味one wor D:

  2. really XD ? haha , i eat eh time dont have de ! :P


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