My Voice Cafe & Studio

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Located at Bay Avenue, just next to Kizuna Japanese restaurant,
this cafe has 2 things to offer -
Delightful environment, delightful food.
Oh wait, make it 3! As it is also a recording studio upstairs,
where they conduct music lessons, training and song recording.
Spot the mic on top!
Furnished in clean, plain white, this place carries an inviting, casual yet romantic ambiance.
You know some restaurants exude an awkward kind of atmosphere,
that causes awkward silence which could make things awkward,
especially couples who just got together, or on their first few dates.
 I hope you get what I'm trying to say, I repeated 'awkward' too many times.
Let's just say it's a relaxing place where conversation goes smoothly over aromatic coffee or tea.
Jazz's fluffy Cafe Tiramisu [RM13.90]
Lavender Milk Tea [RM13.90]
Slightly sweetened, love the fragrance of lavender that comes through the hot milk.
Soothing and soul calming, this sure is a pot of gold.
All hot milk tea are served in classical teapot that serves 2 person, great for sharing.
Attempting to pour into the cup elegantly for picture but spilled everywhere.
May the clumsiness be ever in my favour.
So I ended up posing instead of messing up the table again.
This is the reason why I became a poser.
Anyway, back to the food.
Bite-sized canape for starter, absolutely appealing and of course, appetizing.
6 pieces per serving, savory yums such as turkey ham, cream cheese,
bolognese and tuna on crunchy crackers. Available in their 5 and 6 course dinner menu.
Seared Hokkaido Scallop with Lumfish Caviar and Gribiche [RM170]
Luscious gigantic seared Hokkaido scallops with satisfying and pleasing texture
 which makes me scream 'give me more please!'
Get ready to be blown away when the caviar burst in your mouth!
Grilled Chicken with Oriental Sauce [RM29.90]
Do not underestimate this grilled chicken, or should I say do not judge from this picture
as it doesn't do any justice my photography skill is horrible.
Chicken cutlet was grilled till golden brown, topped with sweet and sour oriental sauce.
Love the tenderness and slight crisp on the skin, simple yet satisfactory.
Even the chips on the side was scrumptious!
Seared Jumbo Prawn [RM85]
With the irresistible fragrance of sauteed garlic, Mediterranean salsa and herbs,
these deveined jumbo prawns are absolutely juicy and appetizing.
A person who is allergic to prawns(me) couldn't resist but to savor one too.
Here comes the winner!
We were totally spoilt with all these awesomeness.
Australian Wagyu Steak [RM280]
Succulent, juicy medium-well Wagyu served with thick sweet red wine reduction
and appetizing mustard jus, sided with potato fondant and marinated mushroom with truffle oil.
It was my first time trying truffle oil, the pleasing aroma just got me hooked immediately.
Certainly a luxurious and delectable dish.
Lemon Cheese Cake served with Orange Jam
The cheese is light and not cloying, with the accompaniment of orange jam
which gives more zest to it. And you gotta love the thick base crumb!
Chocolate Cake served with Blackberry Jam
Sweet, moist chocolatey cake, seems ordinary but it's scrummy.
Scoop some blackberry jam along with it if you'd like a slight sour blast.
They have different cakes on display everyday, so do check with them to avoid any disappointments.
This cream is on firrrreeeeee! 
This intriguing dessert is kind of like creme brulee,
but instead of hard burnt sugar on top, it's covered with alcohol!
The portion is slightly huge for dessert, always remember 'sharing is caring'.
They have no name for this yet, so I shall call it Cream On Fire.
In a corner of the cafe, stands this elegant grand piano and everybody is welcome to play it!
I was exhilarated when I see this, cause how often do you get to play a grand piano? 
Jazz looking really serious. 
This is a great opportunity to impress your date, it could be an ice breaker too!
You don't have to play like Lang Lang or Richard Clayderman,
 simple tunes like 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' can be pretty impressive too.
So much better than playing with your phones and not talking to each other.
If you really can't play, just pose and smile.

Thanks a bunch for having us :)
And yes, I definitely have a sweet tooth!

My Voice Cafe & Studio
Facebook page ; Website
Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 6pm - 1am
Saturday 6pm - 3am
Sunday: 6pm - 1am
C-5-1, Lorong Bayan Indah 3, Bayan Lepas, 11900 Penang


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    1. You looked serious and handsome ma, so must put it up to show everbody :D

  2. that piano photo you all should ask Ken to post, infact he is a pianist in the church.

  3. hahaha i still remember the boss asked u to go play the piano there! haha

    1. Yea, and I realized I can't play anymore :( Maybe need to practise for like, 6 months hahaha


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