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Since I'm in a good mood today, I'm gonna let you in on a secret!
I'm as lazy as a sloth!
Oh wait, that's not a secret is it?
Sometimes all I wanna do is to cuddle with my cat all day and do nothing.
Okay I don't even have a cat.

When it comes to laziness, I'm quite an expert at it.
Lazy to work, lazy to think, lazy to move, lazy to drink water,
lazy to eat, sometimes even lazy to sleep.
Can you imagine that? Lazy to sleep!

But let's focus on lazy to eat today shall we?
I know it might be hard to believe, as this blog is almost all about food.
But trust me, I'm lazy when it comes to that.

My mom hardly cooks, and my family is really easy-going when it comes to food.
They can eat Maggie mee for 3 consecutive days,
or just bread/crackers dipped in Milo for dinner.
Of course, I'm totally not fine settling for that. And I often get really pissed.
Worst of all, there's nothing else at home that I could eat.
The last time I checked, there weren't even eggs!

You might be thinking, 'What's the big deal? Just drive out to eat lah!'
Well, the thought of driving, and risking myself to stuck in a traffic jam
(when Penang is getting more and more people I don't know why!)
and looking for a parking spot(and pay for it!) already drained all my energy.

So in the end, I'd rather.... starve myself.

Foodpanda has come to rescue!
Founded in February 2012, Foodpanda is an online food service platform
 that makes your life easier when it comes to ordering food
and delivering it to your doorstep with just a fingertip away!

Foodpanda provides their services to over 30 countries and still expanding!
Some of the top brands they offer, so happy to see my favorite Starbucks!
Now I can just sit at home and enjoy my cup of latte, no need to settle for less(3-in-1 coffee).
And what's even better is the deals of the week.
Be sure to check them out weekly or often so that you don't miss out all the good stuff!
Just like online shopping, instead of clothes or bags, we shop for FOOD!
Just 4 really simple steps, come take my hand and I will show you the world demonstrate to you!

Step 1
Choose your country, city, district and Find Restaurant

Step 2
Choose a restaurant
Within seconds, you will see a list of restaurants that are around your area.
In one glance, it tells you how much is the minimum order,
the delivery fee and time, and whether they are halal or not.
How convenient!
Furthermore, you could filter your search. Time-saving!
Felt like having Morganfield's that day, so Morganfield's it is!
And lucky me, Morganfield's was one of the deals of the week!
Free delivery for me, I just saved myself RM3!
*red % icon on top left indicates deal of the week
Choose what you want, select the quantity and add to cart.
Was feeling peckish, so one Russet Potato Skins please(oh I love potato skins!)
After adding to cart, you will see a green icon on Order tab.
Press on the Order tab, check through what you have just ordered and the price break-down.
If everything is good to go, confirm your order by pressing Proceed to Checkout.
You will need to verify your mobile number before ordering.
Their staff will call you up to provide you with the verification code.
Key-in the code and you're done!
You will receive confirmation on both your mobile and e-mail.

And we have come to the last step, which is
Waiting for your food to be delivered to you!
 And tadaaaa, my hot and yummy potato skins! Dip dip hurray!
It took them only 40 minutes to arrive, which is 20 minutes earlier than the duration they promised!
With Foodpanda, I have saved so much time and money
(petrol, parking fee,random unnecessary purchase) and
I could enjoy my favorite food without even moving my butt!
All it takes is just less than 10 minutes of the 4 steps I have just demonstrated.
Unless you have major issue making up your mind, then it's a different story.
The above demonstration was done on my phone, obviously.
Download the app on your mobile:
Click here for Android
Click here for Apple
Or just simply log on to their website and start ordering now!


  1. I'm glad to see I am not the only lazy expert out there ;)


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