Vino Vino Bistro Penang

Step into this inviting bistro with warm lights, another gem is found at Bay Avenue!
This gorgeous chandelier makes me wanna drink a glass or two,
sway away with the music and linger a little bit.
What amazed me even more were these mountains and mountains of wine!
Not only wine, Vino Vino is the biggest bistro that carries most
wine, beer and sake in Penang. Now you know where to go when you need some good booze!
Apart from that, this is definitely what makes their customers keep coming back for more.
Yakitori, which means grilled chicken in Japanese.
Basically, Yakitori refers to skewered bite-sized food that are mounted on bamboo skewer.
It used to be only grilled chicken in the past, but of course now there is an array of choices on the menu!
All the way from Japan, the chef who prepares the Yakitori have 25 years of experience in Japanese cuisine.
Using not any ordinary charcoal, but imported Japanese charcoal to keep up the quality.

Open kitchen where the Yakitori is prepared.
 It's also a mini bar allowing customers to dine or peep at what the chef is doing.
Now let's sample the signature shall we?
Grilled Skewer(Yakitori) Platter 
From left:
Eringi - King Trumpet Mushroom [RM3]
Okura - Ladiesfinger [RM3]
Shitake Mushroom [RM3]
Tsukane Mentaiko - Chicken Meatball with Fish Roe [RM6]
Tsukane Cheese - Chicken Meatball with Cheese [RM5]
Aspara Maki - Asparagus wrapped with Beef [RM7]
Aigamo Kushi - Duckbreast Meat [RM7]
Tebaski - Chicken Wing [RM6]
Momo - Chicken Thigh [RM5]
As the Yakitori is grilled patiently under right temperature(and love!),
 the texture is just nice, not too soft and not too dry.
They're delicious even without any sauce or seasoning.
My favorite would be Aspara Maki, juicy meat and the crunch that came later on.
Tsunake Cheese was slightly too salty for me.
Tokusei Tsukane - Special meatball combining chicken and beef [RM6]
Definitely the bomb of Yakitori, so succulent and it gets even yummier when you
 dip it in the bowl of half-boiled egg! 
Remember not to leave the egg there for too long
 or else it's gonna get too hard to be dipped in. 
Besides Yakitori, they serve other good Japanese dishes too.
Yon Shu Mori - 4 types of sashimi [RM55]
Look at how thick each of them are, look at the generosity!
Thick cut of salmon, tuna(2 different cuts) and butterfish sashimi,
allowing us to fully indulge in the freshness of the sea. Butterfish was my fav!
Sushi Yakitori Set [RM39]
Comes with 3 sticks of Yakitori, this yummy plate consists of 5 pieces of sashimi sushi.
You know when you order sushi, the sashimi on top are normally very thin
 and I would ended up order more just to savor more of the sashimi
and stuffed myself with too much rice. Anybody feel me?
Again, they wowed me with the generosity of sashimis
which makes the experience totally satisfactory.
Sashimi Salad [RM29]
I am going to repeat generosity for the third time!
Occasionally, I would order sashimi salad whenever I feel fat like it(wafu dressing please!).
There are normally be 2-3types(tops) of sashimi,
always chopped into cubes and very little in amount.
This is the very first plate of sashimi salad I had with huge sliced sashimi!
Not to forget there are like 4 different types of sashimi in there.
Just one thing, it would be even better if there were more choices of dressings
instead of mayonnaise only but I could live with that.
Ebi Renkon Age - Fried Lotus Root [RM15]
Interesting dish; I was expecting to bite into a whole piece of hard lotus root
but to my surprise, they turned out to be mashed! Reminds me of koroke.
Just imagine this - Mashed potatoes(but sweet),
 loads of lotus silk and fiber with golden brown crust.
Kinoko Foil Yaki - Grilled Assorted Mushrooms in Foil [RM25]
Mushroom lovers, will you look at this? A total to-die-for!
Essence and fragrant that oozes on every bite, mm-mm-mm!
Enoki Gyu Mai - Beef & Mushroom Roll [RM20]
I was expecting the beef would be hard but I was wrong!
Chewy beef marinated with shoyu and sake, topped with chewy enoki,
I have totally underestimated this heavenly dish.
How can we not sample some wine while we're here?
 Katnook Founder Block Sauvignon Blanc was served.
It has a fresh and light citrus flavour with a hint of lemon grass, easy to drink.
Priced at RM14 [75ml] | RM27 [150ml]
Corte Giara Bardolino 
Medium ruby red with sweetness of berries and a little bit spicy.
It's slightly too dry to my liking, I think I still prefer white wine.
Priced at RM10 [75ml] | RM20 [150ml]
Just when we thought it was the end of the food review,
they brought us to this sophisticated lounge upstairs!
Cigars for the big bosses yo.
Super spacious private room for partay! 
Karaoke set is provided with updated songs, great option for those karaoke kaki!
Redbox and Neway don't serve you good ol' Japanese food do they?
 Minimum spending of RM1000 is required to utilize this room.
Furthermore, there is a live band playing every Wednesday and Thursday after 8 P.M.
 Good food and good music to ease your mood.
Perfect place for hang-outs especially after work, don't you think?
Now will you excuse me while I sapu all the booze I need for Christmas!

Vino Vino Bistro
Facebook Page:
Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday 12P.M. - 12A.M.
Friday, Saturday & Public Holiday Eve 12P.M. - 1 A.M.
Sunday & Public Holiday 5:30P.M. - 12A.M.
Contact number: 04-6459922
H-10-1, Lorong Bayan Indah 2, Bay Avenue, 11900 Bayan Lepas


  1. The gorgeous chandelier makes me wanna drink a glass or two, sway away with the music and linger a little bit with you. Lol.

    Anyway, it seems a must try. Great post =D

    1. Yes let's do the chicken dance under the romantic chandelier! :D
      Thank you thank you, it's an honor to get a comment from you :P

  2. Jen,

    Looks nice, the food. How were the wines, paired well with the food?

    1. Hello Gill! Or Jason hahaha
      Hmm I just started to drink wine, still find red wine hard to accept.
      But yea, they went well with the food.
      Go try la :D


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