Kindori Gurney Plaza Penang

Notice: Kindori is closed
Although it has been here for a year, a lot of people haven't noticed its existence
as it is located at a more 'remote' area of Gurney Plaza.
Despite the popularity and good comments I've heard about them,
I never bothered to give it a try until one day I happened to walk by.
And the next thing you see, is my epic reaction after having Kindori for the very first time.

It was my brother's birthday, I gave him an angpao and forced him to buy me ice-cream.
(I'm the best sister in the whole wide world, I know)
I took a bite, there goes my image. I have ruined it much earlier anyway.
It was so yummy I CAN'T EVEN!!!!
Kept telling my brother how yummy it is and he had to calm me down
 cause people around us were looking at me. Hehe.
 So yea, despite my complicated facial expression, I hope you get how yummy the ice-cream was.
And lucky lucky me, I got the opportunity to review this place!
3 important facts you need to know about Kindori:
 ♥ Made of 100% fresh milk
♥ No food colouring and preservative, absolutely safe to eat.
♥ Blast Frozen Fresh Fruit at -40C
 Not to forget, their ice-creams are freshly made on the spot!
Giving you the purest, healthiest, concentrated flavoured ice-cream!
So is their buttery and crunchy waffle, freshly made at the outlet everyday! 
For those(especially girls) who concerns about their weight,
 fret not as Kindori is
♥Low Sugar
♥Low Fat
♥Low Calorie

Now you can eat all you want and indulge without guilt!
 And probably replay the popular Thor scene 
'I like this ice-cream, ANOTHER!'

Oh have I mentioned that they have more than 50 choices of interesting
 and exotic flavours such as wasabi, pumpkin, cempedak and more?
Just by looking at the menu makes me so excited already!
In case you're worried that you might experience choice difficulties,
here are some suggestions for you!
Fusion - Blackberry + Lychee [RM8.90]
The pretty color already melted my heart.
Slightly sour, the taste of blackberry was strong while the flavour of lychee was indistinct.
Be prepared to chew a bit, there are loads and loads blackberry seeds!
 Matcha [RM8.90]
If you like greentea with milk, you would definitely love this!
Wait, did it sound weird? I hope you get the idea though.
Soft and smooth with the right amount of milk, full flavour of green tea that lingers.
Durian RM9.90
This tasted exactly like durian, it's like as if you're eating real durians!
Do note that this is pre-packaged cause if they were to make it on the spot,
 the smell of durian would stay in the blender, affecting the flavour of rest of the ice-cream.
It's slightly harder than the freshly made ones(I mean, what do you expect?)
 but it's really good! Durian freaks, you know where to go now.

After this, we were asked to choose an ice-cream,
 mixing any flavours, and as many flavours as we want!
Time to showcase our creativity! * throw confetti*
HH's selection -  Dark Chocolate + Oreo
Brilliant brilliant combination, bitter dark chocolate(very rich!) blends with sweet oreo.
What could beat munchy oreo in heavenly rich ice-cream?
 Jazz's selection - Rock Melon + Papaya
My judgement won't be fair on this, as I dislike papaya ever since I was small.
For those who likes papaya, you should really try this as the papaya taste is stronger than rock melon's.
All I could say it's very light and refreshing.
Jinni's selection - Morello Cherry + Rock Melon + Pink Guava
Sweet choice for a sweetie like her, will you look at the sweet color?
A fruity and light combination of sweet, sour and fragrant.
And here's the weirdo's selection - Dark Chocolate + Black Sesame + Matcha
I stared at the menu for quite some time and was the last one who ordered.
There are just TOO MANY choices!
So I decided to go with dark chocolate as I couldn't get enough of it from HH's
and was too shy to eat too much of hers(hehe!) 
Black Sesame as it was the flavour I first tried which resulted in the epic facial expression
(you can always scroll to top if you've forgotten how did it look like)
Matcha cause, I love Matcha.
And how did the end product taste like? Weird of course but I like it very much!
First you would taste the dark chocolate, with a little bit of black sesame,
 ends with very indistinct hint of Matcha. Creamy, rich and heavy.
It wasn't the end yet, as their awesome ice-cream is just not enough.
 They have just launched these pretty yummy ice-cream cakes!
 Strawberry Ice-cream Cake RM8.90
Instead of the cake sandwiching the ice-cream, this is the other way round!
Thick, thick layers of ice-cream!
When we talk about strawberry ice-cream, most of us would recall the super sweet taste
but this is quite sour as they use real strawberries!
Personally prefer this naturally sour one than artificially sweet ones.
Chocolate Mint Ice-cream Cake RM8.90
Absolutely my favorite, it's not cloying at all!
The chocolate mint taste was light while chocolate cake was spongy.
What's even better was there are chocolate chips in the ice-cream!
Definitely a great idea for birthday or any special celebration.
Ditch the boring cream cake, start getting your loved ones ice-cream cake instead!
You can order online here, advance reservation needed.
 The pretty lady boss being Santa Claus, bringing us even more surprises!
  Lollipops [RM2.90]
Chocolate coated ice-cream, kids sure are happy when they see these!
 Available in 8 flavours.
 Sumiyaki Coffee, I choose you!
Sumiyaki means charcoal roast, and it tasted exactly like charcoal roasted coffee and not too sweet.
These pops made us go gaga, not to forget it's a great selfies prop!
After all those dessert, remember to grab a bottle of these irresistibly cute mineral water!
Thank you for having us, it was much fun and yum!
Kindori Malaysia 
Opening hours:
Daily 10:30 A.M. - 10 P.M.
Level 3, Lot 170-03-K1(New Wing, infront of Switch)


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