Sushi Zanmai Gurney Paragon

The long awaited Sushi Zanmai has finally made its way to Penang.
Located at level 6, this picture was taken 9 something at night,
way past dinner time and there's still a queue!
I remember it all started in KL.
Told my friend I was at 1U, he was all excited and went
 'OMG I bring you to a place called Sushi Zanmai, their food is good come I belanja you!
BUT! there's always a long queue lar hope you don't mind'
That was the last time we talk.

If you didn't know, I have a principle:
Never queue for food

I'm not talking about those normal KFC queue, but ridiculous queue that can go on for 30 minutes.
Forget about it when Sushi King has RM2 per plate promotion,
but you can call me when you're already in there and you have saved a seat for me though!
Me spotted in the long queue; That was the day I lost my integrity.
*throw hands in the air*
And I blame my mom, she was the one who wanted to eat this.
Nah just kidding, I didn't really queue up. 
Dragged my dad with me on a vain trip as if I'm the ambassador of Gurney Paragon
while my mom and brothers stayed in the line. Whee!
 Anyway there's no need for lodging a report of parent/child abuse as it was
 my mom who suggested me to go with my dad.
 That guy wouldn't stop looking, sorry ahh I'm not some TVB superstar or anybody.
Table for 5, this way please.
Slap that ugly fish face cause we're marching in!
Not very adventurous dishes:
Soft Shell Crab Maki [RM8.80]
Chicken Katsu Don [RM8.80]
Shoyu Ramen [RM8.80]
Tempura Udon [RM8.80(S)] [RM19.80(L)]
The large tempura udon is huge! Comes with the blur fried tempura at the back.
Seafood Treasure [RM15.80]
Hot pot of prawn, scallop, oyster, cod fish, abalone, mushroom and broccoli. 
Served with rice.
 Just like what Bruno Mars sang, this is treasure indeed.
So much seafood freshness and goodness , one word to describe - Umami!
Spicy Salmon Belly Nabeyaki Udon [RM15.80]
My eyes sparkled when this was served, look at those salmon belly!
Not spicy at all, it's just like sprinkles of curry powder.
So fresh, so good, so satisfying! Umami!
Repetitively using Umami cause I just learnt it hehe.
I have linked it to Wikipedia so go check it out! Only if you don't know what it means.

I must say, the price is rather cheap looking at the quality food they offer.
And despite the crowd that wouldn't stop coming in, they retain their professionalism.
Serving our food fast, attending to our needs without having to be reminded again and again.
They actually got my order wrong but the guy was really courteous,
apologized and promised to prepare my food as soon as possible and my food came in 10 minutes!
 The only unpleasant thing was, I couldn't eat in peace. 
If you happened to bump into us on the street and I'm in his arms, we're not a couple.


  1. You may always call for reservation if you don't want to queue :p

    1. Aiks, I didn't know that! Apalah lol thanks for the info and thanks for dropping by :)

  2. Jenn,
    Siapa tu kat foto terakhir? Not boyfriend, then......?

    How was the food?

    1. Adik la! Food was good and pretty cheap :D You can request for my little brother to disturb you eat, it's FOC!


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