Isaac Toast & Coffee, Queensbay Mall

Notice: Isaac Toast&Coffee is closed
Annyeonghaseyo, kpop fans look here!
Okay not necessary kpop fans, all foodies listen up!
If you have been to South Korea, you would probably know that Isaac Toast & Coffee
 is a popular cafe especially for breakfast take-away.
I asked a friend who just came back from Korea not long ago and
she was determined to pay them a visit due to their popularity.
They are even featured in some Korean dramas! Don't ask me which cause I don't watch.
A private entrepreneurship that started humbly with a tiny stall by the street in 1995
 to now over 900 franchises all over the world and finally landed in Malaysia!
With the slogan of 'The Happiness Together',
 here are two mind-blowing facts you need to know about them:

Survey conducted by Research KoreaIsaac Toast & Coffee is ranked
5th place on Brand Awareness
 1ST PLACE on Customer Satisfaction,
followed by Burger King, KFC, McDonald's, Lotteria.
They beat Burger King and KFC! So I could safely say that friendly and good services are guaranteed.
Cute decos at the counter that display elements of a typical Korean cafe.
Now let's begin the journey to happiness!
 Pizza Toast [RM7.90]
Chicken pepperonis, button mushrooms, egg with tomato puree.
Who would have thought? Replacing crust with toast yo!
Hashbrown Toast [RM7.50]
Hashbrown, egg with mustard.
 Personally like hash brown very much, now it's even better with egg and toast!
MVP Toast, choice of chicken or beef [RM9.90]
Patty, cabbages, cheese slice and egg

All toasts are drizzled with their secret 'Isaac Sauce', which is slightly too sweet to my liking
but certainly great news to you sweet tooth!
There are corns in the eggs which gives them that extra crunch.

Don't fancy toast? Go for their bagel!
Supreme Bagel, choice of chicken/turkey/beef [RM9.90]
Salami Bagel, choice of chicken or beef [RM8.90]
Again all of them are drizzled with Isaac Sauce but it's less sweet as the bagel
absorbed the sauce in. And the bagel is chewy!

My favorite of all would be MVP toast, crunchy with the cabbages.
It's always better with a little green :)
Thirsty? Here are some drinks that goes perfect with the toast!
Kiwi and Strawberry Yoghurt Smoothie [RM7.90]
Refreshing but slightly too milky to my liking, level of sugar is just right.
 Green Tea Latte [RM7.50]; Hot Chocolate [RM7.50]
 Cafe Mocha [RM8.50]
Caramel Machiatto [RM8.50]
 Cafe Latte [RM7.50]
Isn't the teddy bear lovely? Latte art is upon request, ask and you will receive.
Here comes the 3D kitties that puts all girls in awwww
Cappucino/ Catppucino [RM7.50]
Of course these adorable kitties are upon request too, if you're lucky that
the lady boss is there during your visit. So fingers crossed okay?
One thing I must highlight, they have really good and firm foam.
Just look at that kitty, steadily sitting there even after getting scooped up.
She sure is one Zen meow!
Isaac Toast & Coffee is certainly a great option for snacks and take-away.
My pedi session just got more delightful with a cup of joe.

Let's share the happiness together, shall we?

Find them on Facebook:
Queensbay Mall Lower Ground(opposite Sticky candy)


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