How's life?

How are you?

I remember my cousin Becca would occasionally whatsapp me to ask 
how am I doing and I would tell her
'Read my blog la! I write everything there!'
She was back from Switzerland last month and told me all she sees on my blog is
and there's nothing about my life at all, apart from eating like a pig.
So here, a very rare Sunday that I stayed home instead of doing cafe hopping,
scanning through some photos and came up with this post.
It's pretty random and might be a waste of time to even read, but suit yourself.

1. Closer to nature
I have been soaking in some sunlight as I heard you would look skinnier if you wear black,
 so let's see how that's gonna apply on my skin.

2. Hair is finally long
It took me 2 years to grow back to this length after my crazy idea of chopping them off in 2011.
Looks so scary here though, and I have no idea why I laughed so hard..
My hair is now longer than this girl who scolded me for chopping my hair off muahaha

3. How can Jay Park be so hot?
I don't remember myself being fanatic to any celebrities in 10 years besides Mika Nakashima.
I don't know what did Jay Park do to make me fall so hard,
to the extend of leaving a comment on his Instagram.

4. Picked up drawing
I just recently drew all these, not 15 years ago.
Ain't I good? I thought so too.

5. Adopted a mohawk donkey
Stole this super soft and cuddly eeyore from my brother and brought it to work,
eases my chaotic work a bit.
How can you not aww when you look at those eyes..... that looks like nostrils.

6. We can't sing, we can't dance, but who cares?
Remember I was a house bunny on staff party last year? I hope you don't.
Spongebob was really impressive and will you look at Nobita??
Love this year's Cartoon Mania theme, there are so many cartoon characters I wanted to be
but ended up dressing up something really lame due to lack of time and money.
We even have the clock from Beauty and the Beast and Olive, Popeye the sailorman's wifey!
Best part of the night was, teaming up with Karen and did this silly thing.
We didn't have any idea what to do at all, only started rehearsing the day before the party.
Memorizing lyrics of My Hump, perfecting minion's voice and shaking our asses off.
A little bit of cute, stupid, diva and sexy. All self-proclaimed.
Without expecting to win anything at all, we won 1st runner-up!
God we're just so talented lucky!
It's kinda like a dream came true for me as I have always wanted
 to sing 'When You Believe' on stage, and I thought it would only happen at church.
Thanks to our guts, we're RM300 richer!
And from that day onward, we're both labelled as 'banana'.
And I think I have unconsciously turned myself into this creepy long legs Pikachu..

7. Why do bugs bug me?
Done with the glamorous part, here's some ugly stuff.
If you didn't know, this little guy is Charlie.
I have read about how poisonous it is but didn't give a damn until
This happened.
I'm sorry if I grossed you out. This is my thigh though, and the scar is still there.
It's pretty much like the one on Harry Potter's forehead.
Suddenly my scar seemed so cool eh?
It didn't just stopped there.
Got bitten by God knows what at the beach, and this happened the next day.
Now I'm really a silly elephant.

8. How to use an iron curler for dummies
 As if the scarring from Charlie is not enough, I placed the iron curler on my thigh
 after use and psssss, there goes another scar!
 This one is pretty cool too it looks like half Avicii logo!
Oh by the way, I'm quite an expert in curling my hair now.
I'm sorry meituxiuxiu made me look like I escaped from anime.

9. Family time
 Brother's convocation in Singapore, we looked like couple! :3
Me and Becca 6 years back, I looked weird in black hair and black enlarged lens.
Us now, I'm never going back to black hair.

Dad's really good at Photoshop, and I forced him to create a blog.
A rare decent picture of my little brother, and a horrible angle of me.
He actually said '萌爆了', no idea where he learned all those weibo jargons...
 1 Malaysia at home, mine is the fairest of all.
Came home after a badminton tournament one night and he asked if I won
 so that he could give me RM50 as a reward(kids nowadays are really rich).
 Told him I lost and he gave me RM10 as consolation, in coins.
Sweetest baby in the world.
 And these are his wishes to me on my birthday. He knows how important Silly Epiphany is to me.
Ending this post with I think the most searched song on this day of the year.
It's time to wake up and smell the coffee.


  1. aiyo....where u kena that ugly bugs? Now OK?
    You really look silly with short

    1. at home D: yaya left scar, trying hard to make it fade away haha
      yea so weird! that's why I'm never cutting my hair again :D


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