Ferringhi Coffee Garden

Along Batu Ferringhi, there's a restaurant that wouldn't be missed by all lovey-dovey couples,
 forever fully booked without fail on Valentine's Day.
I'm talking about Ferringhi Garden.
Visited their sister restaurant cause I'm more of a coffee/brunch person than fine dining.
What an excuse I made up to cover I can't afford fine dining whee!
It was a sunny Sunday, working 7 days that week. 
Since it's just walking distance(not really for Malaysian) from the hotel, 
 had my brunch here with dee dee before clocking in.
 Look at all those greens and beautiful flowers, it's literally dining in a flower exhibition!
Just by breathing I feel healthier already!
There are a lot more flowers but my camera died half way, I'm always 'well-prepared'.
Happily doing photosynthesis in the green green garden.
If you know me well, I melt in the sun and would do anything to avoid it.
But I just couldn't resists those flower power!
Oh and it's been a while since my straight hair last appeared here,
I think I look weird with straight hair.
What brought me is actually this. I was like
after seeing Lina posted on her Instagram.
Cute latte art is forever my weakness, they say my money is so easy to 'cheat'. I know...
Anyway, here comes the latte that steals my heart! And money.
Cute teddy bear and bunny that looks flirty!
Latte[RM8.80] served in Bodum mug, comes with butter cookie and this 
 gold spoon that makes me feel like royalty.
 Eggs Benedict [RM19.80]
The thick thick charcoal toasted bread was yummy but I got so full half way through the first one.
I find the hollandaise sauce slightly weird cause it's sweet, the rest was fine.
Sausages and Beef Bacon[RM18.80]
Choice of homemade chicken or beef sausages.

Personally think their food is a liiittle overpriced but it's totally
worth coming for their green relaxing ambiance, it's good for your eyes too!
Another plus point, their all day dining menu includes breakfast that caters
ridiculous people like me who craves sunny side-up,toast and sausages at night!

Ferringhi Coffee Garden's Facebook page here
Open daily 7A.M. - 10:30P.M.
43-D, Batu Ferringhi, 11100 Penang
Signing off with a flip of my super damaged hair


  1. ah.. won't know this place if I didn't read this. thank u for sharing! will make myself there the next time i visit penang! =D

    1. yes yes please come and do photosynthesis :D Thanks for dropping by :)

  2. Hmm, been wanting to go to this since hearing about it. But it is for a couple, kinda awkward. How the coffee again? =)


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