Cafe 55, Coffee Atelier

Coffee Atelier, where Kopi Cine(now Chinahouse) and Bon Ton used to be.
5 interlinking pre-war houses, combining cafe&restaurant, art gallery, coffee musuem and suites.
Had our brunch at Cafe 55, didn't know they serve Spanish tapas too!
Went for their totally worth it Set Lunch [RM35 nett]
Choose 1 starter, 2 tapas, 1 dessert and soft drink.
Mixed salad with sesame dressing; Veloute of pumpkin ginger
 The soup is creamy creamy creamy! 
Calamari rings with dips; Garlic mushroom; Grilled eggplant; Spanish omelette with mushroom
I frowned when I saw the garlic mushroom cause it doesn't look good.
Apparently I underestimated it, it's really good!
Same goes to the grilled eggplant, chewy and fragrant.
Oh look, they have chips on top of the omelette!
Was thinking why did they take so long to serve a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
The chopped bananas, papayas and chocolate chips made an ordinary ice cream tastes so good.

Our set lunch was really satisfying, but something was missing.
The expert, Steven was late to work that day, so no fate for me.
But I die die want my 3D latte, it's like I've never been here if
 I don't have a picture of the cat popping out of the coffee!
 So, I tried my luck again. Prayed really really hard..
And here, finally! 
How am I supposed to drink when they are sooooo cute...... T3T
I blame fourfeetnine for that expression.
There's no special name for this. Basically just order any lattes they have
 on the menu and request for 3D art. Double shot is needed to achieve the art,
 hence additional RM3 for the extra shot. Normal cafe latte priced at RM9, so this is RM12.
Steven working on his masterpiece.
You might wanna call beforehand to check if he is working to avoid any disappointment.
Just in case you don't fancy 3D stuff, this is how their Cafe Mocha normally looks like.
Bear: Hey kitty, what you up to?
Kitty: Oh nothing, just relaxing in my hot tub after a long day
 greeting customers at the sushi bar.
Until Leonard did this to the kitty, it looks so pity and hilarious at the same time hahaha
Okay this post is done.
 Now go away, leave me alone in this cruel cruel world...

Coffee Atelier's website here
Opens daily 8:30A.M. - 10P.M.
47-55, Lorong Stewart, 10300 Penang


  1. Hey,I am lyn here. may i know which camera you r using to take those pretty food pic? thanks ;)

    1. Hello Lyn, I'm using Nikon P7700. Thanks for your compliment :)

  2. Hey Jennifer,

    Nice blog you have there. Already bookmarked and read quite a load of posts from your blog. Laugh.
    And I borrowed your 3D coffee art (without proper linkback, lol). Thanks! :)

    1. Hey Jhu,
      Thanks! You're too kind with the compliment!
      Love your blog too, I have been clicking 'older post' to many many months ago hah!
      Dropped a comment on your Cafe 55 post too, nice meeting you :)

  3. Hi Jennifer,

    I have tried the cafe 55's 3D coffee. It is nice but a bit pricy. Should try if haven't try yet.
    But better get a coffee bean where you can get buy 1 free 1 using citibank clear card.


    1. It's okay to indulge once in a while :)
      Oh I used to work at coffee bean haha thanks for your suggestion!


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