Patio Bar de Tapas

If you're active on Instagram, I bet you would be seeing people posting photos about this place
which might make you feel that you're inadequate if you're a Penangite and you haven't been there.
Yet another tapas place in Penang after my visit to El Faro.
Located few doors down CF foodcourt, opposite of Clan Jetty.
Thought it has existed for awhile but found out that they just opened for 3 weeks,
 what a great success!
Oh I'm not sorry for this blur picture. There were a group of people looking at me as if
 I was committing a crime and I got so scared!
 The crowded bar
Was here on a Saturday night and not surprised that it's fully occupied.
 Thought we would have to wait for at least 20 minutes for a table 
 but the nice waitress made space for us! Got a table in less than 10 minutes,
almost given up and walk across the road to have tomyam instead.
 The view of the courtyard from upstairs, it feels like Italy!
A list of tapas; Almost all of them were finished by the time we arrived.
Note that their Paella(popular Spanish rice dish) is limited to 3 per day only.
Tinto [RM19]
It's under Sangria, with the combination Merlot, mornin triple sec and citrus.
 I ordered this cause the name is cute, the floating fruit chunks made my night.
 Bombas [RM19]
Love the way they served on a wooden chopper board.
These potato bombs look ordinary but it isn't with Chorizo(pork sausage)
and capsicum sauce.This will definitely fulfill your crave for savory!
Frita [RM8]
As I have mentioned there weren't much food available, but since I love fries so yea.
I like their mayonnaise, I think there's garlic in it which makes it so yummy.
 My successful kid face as if I'm saying 'Look look, I made this drink!'
Music is played and chatters everywhere, great place to chill over snacks.
They have a parking lot just beside the restaurant, RM2 per entry.
Patio Bar de Tapas Facebook page here
Opening hours Tuesday - Sunday 5:30 P.M. till late.
(The time might change as they're still new,
 who knows they might be serving lunch in near future?)
49F, Weld Quay, 10300 Georgetown Malaysia


  1. Italy or Spain? Heard of it but have yet to try.

    1. Spanish! Would love to try their Paella, bring me along with you la when you go :D

  2. I am thinking to go this Tapas bar too..
    hope the food can cheer me up ...

    1. It's better to go on weekdays and earlier before they sold out their tapas and also to avoid the crowd.But their food is quite limited though as they're still new, El Faro is another awesome tapas place you can try :)

  3. I went there for the hendrick's event, but didn't manage to try out their menu, only had finger food. Please let me know after you've tried their Paella and whether or not you had to reserve them to 'avoid disappointment' XD