Departure Lounge Damansara Uptown

Breakfast date with Queen E, still got no idea where this is. 
Having people taking care of me everywhere I go has made me
 so dependent and slight ignorant. I just gotta be like this while I still can.
Oh and the sign made it looks like a hair salon hahaha
It was a Sunday morning crowded with people, so we sat outside and did photosynthesis.
Cozy corner and travel guides that makes me wanna travel even more.
The name of the place, Departure Lounge already told you what their concept is.
I think this is just pure brilliance.
We picked the popular Do-It-My-Way Breakfast Platter
Often I have dilemma when I order Big Breakfast as they always
comes with baked beans but I hate baked beans but I must order that 
cause I love bacon..... I hope you get my point.
And here, no dilemma cause you get to choose what you want
from 3 or 5 or 7 items at RM8.90/ RM12.90/ RM14.90.
All comes with 2 pieces of toast, choose either white or wholemeal.
Order chit is laminated so it could be recycled, brilliant and planet saving.
Queen E looking as gorgeous as ever even without make-up on. Mwah mwah!
After ticking what you want on the order chit, proceed to the counter and pay.
 Barista in action; They have trained many award winning baristas!
 Latte was really smooth! Priced at RM7.50 which considered cheap.
To be frank, there's nothing great about these. Affordable and fulfilling I would say.
But do go for their coffee!

Departure Lounge Facebook page here
Open daily from 8A.M. - 7P.M.
  • 10, Jln SS 21/39, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya
  • Also available at Solaris Mont Kiara

By the way,
This post marks the end of my KL food trip. Phew!
We actually went Levain but my shots were unbearably horrible, so decided not to blog about it. 
Another reason being is I still can't hold the cup properly and I got frustrated.
Anyway, it's a lovely place with French interior and I love love love the high ceilings!
Coffee is good, food is very affordable and tonnes of pretty pastries! Go try it yourself okay?
Also went to Kyo-ei Ramen at Pavilion on Day 1,
 could only remember it's quite affordable and the salad dressing is pretty awesome. 

I am indeed grateful with the pamper Colleen and family has given.
Me and Yong2 were supposed to take cab and carry our luggage everywhere we go
 but her dad insisted to pick us up during his lunch break and bring our luggage home
 *sniff sniff
Thanks for letting me to be as dependent as I could.


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