Coffee Societe Publika

So the cafe-hopping continued.
Right after Coffee Stain by Joseph,
we hopped few doors down to Coffee Societe
As compared to the brightly lit Coffee Stain, Coffee Societe is the other way round.
It's literally coffee in the dark, me likey.
Cozy ambiance with good music, definitely a great place to linger.
Brunch menu looks yummy!
Bring 3 or more female friends and get one cup of coffee each every Thursday 6-9P.M.
 My kind of Ladies Night
Piccolo latte [RM6.90]
Love the flower saucer, I find the coffee rather bitter.
Piccolo means small in Italian. This was my third coffee in 4 hours,
to prevent from getting coffee overdose, Piccolo, I choose you!
Red velvet [RM12]
It's a popular item here, so soft that we had to use forks to support it.
Inspiring quotes at the toilet, making your business uplifting.
Love the one that says Enjoy the little things in Life,
 note to self that I have been holding on.
Yong2 captured my joyful hopping moment :)
Colleen you are forbidden to look up, never ever forget that.
Oh well I'm not all cruel, now let's put her in the limelight! Love love love her eyes

One of their listings.

Coffee Societe's Facebook page here
Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 8.30A.M. - 10P.M
Saturday - Sunday: 10.30A.M. - 11.30P.M.
Publika, D4-G3-3A, Solaris Dutamas, 50480 KL

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