Antipodean Coffee.Cafe.Culture, Bangsar

Heard so much about Antipodean, finally here I am!
It was my first time going to Bangsar, always thought it's a mall, but of course I was wrong.
Wanted to give up coming here as the cafe is usually packed and you have wait for quite some time for a table.
Thanks to Colleen who insisted to bring us here, going on weekdays seems to be a great idea.
Menu written on the wall; These beautiful carnations brighten up the table.
I forbid Colleen to look up cause she looks better like this HAHA
You will see her looking down in the next few posts, poor thing.
Cappucino [RM9]
I like the foam but generally it's too bitter for me.
I thought there might be something wrong with my taste bud but found this that puts me in relief.
"The only negative is repeatedly burnt coffee. Ironically for a cafĂ© (they serve Merdeka Coffee, a boutique coffee label that sources beans from various parts of Indonesia), especially one that is so evidently based on the coffee culture of cities like Sydney and Melbourne, they can’t seem to nail their brews, with a bitterness and that burnt tinge ruining the flavour."     
-Time Out KL, full article here

The very popular Big Breakfast [RM20]
Consists of sausage(choice of chicken, pork or beef), scrambled egg, hash brown, mushrooms and toast.
The beef sausage and hash brown were so good!
Portion considered big to me, shared with Yong2 and our tummies were happy.

They have a mini playground for kids! Good news for parents who doesn't own an iPad or smartphone,
now you can chuck your kids here and let them make new friends instead of imaginary/virtual ones. 

I had no idea why did I put my hand up but it resulted this happy picture :)
The picture reminds me of this happy happy song.
Life would be perfect if I have this as my background music, playing 24/7.
Okay I'm way too off topic, sorry cute hottie Jay Park distracting me.
Check out their website, Antipodean's not Jay Park's.
20, Jalan Telawi 2, Bansar Baru, 59100 KL
03-22820411, Operating hours 8 A.M. - 10 P.M. daily
Also available at Menara Tan&Tan, Jalan Tun Razak,
less crowd compared to this one.


  1. A little recommendation - The Red BeanBag at Publika, it's a good place too as I always hear from my friend :)

    1. Yaya heard about it, will try it next round :) Thanks!