Garden Wedding with Yellow Sprinkies

My apprenticeship with dad hasn't come to an end, here's another east-meets-west.
Garden wedding has always been my dream,
 but now I don't think I would wanna bear sweating in my glorious wedding dress.
Beautiful yellow themed wedding, as usual I wanted to shed a tear when
 the bride's voice was breaking as she reads her wedding vow.
Groom seems really loving, when will I find my prince charming?
Coldplay's Yellow covered by Tanya Chua.
 A calmer, softer version. And the MV is really yellow.

Congratulations Frank and Wendy


  1. The wedding looks beautiful! I love the yellow sprinkies! The wedding looks fresh and warm. The place is simply perfect for this wedding and the floral arrangements are just beautiful. Congratulations for a beautiful garden wedding.


  2. The entire night flowed perfectly, thanks to their staff manager’s input on a timeline, and the service all day and night was exceptional.


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