Sandy Langkawhee

Sandy getaway at the Andaman Langkawi, far far away from the city.
Surrounded in the green relaxing rainforest and
hoping to be visited by monkeys but there weren't any.
Super spacious bathroom with a full set of Eucalyptus aromatherapy;
 A little me time with the accompaniment of  Fresh Desire rose bath bomb
and a cup of coffee by my side. Time well spent reflecting on life, how wonderful.
Great meals with a scene that puts me in awe, it's good for your eyes.
Instead of only one piece of bread each, they serve 5 types of breads with olive oil,
 balsamic vinegar and really good homemade cream cheese. I'm in love.
Funny bubble wrap coincidence; For us pasta-maniacs, food is surprisingly inexpensive and good.
Watched the band, strolled along the beach, couldn't stop watching the countless stars above.
And hurt my neck because of that, forgot that I could've just lied down.
Playing tourist.
Strolled along Cenang, visited the Underwater World after more than 10 years.
So many beautiful creatures were added in. My dream of adopting a penguin remains.
Hearty awesome moesome international buffet breakfast, great kick-start of the day.
Chilled a little bit and literally fell asleep before heading back.
Peaceful green, peaceful dream.
Thanks to Hard Rock and Andaman for this great experience.
And here's a hilarious video of penguins falling down.


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